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2012 Action Plan: Mid-Way Through Week 2!

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Hi all!

I don't know about you, but I feel like week 2 has been quite a treat since last week's aches and pains. I've definitely lost a few pounds and feel lighter all around. It's a pretty powerful feeling to nourish your body with only the best foods.

While I do have increased energy, especially in the evening, today was the first morning of the week when I really wanted my morning coffee. Sometimes it just helps take the edge off, you know? I think I pay less attention to annoyances on my morning subway commute when I'm clutching a warm brew. But, no reason to dwell on what we can't have.

Moving on to what we can have this week: seafood and legumes. How has it felt reincorporating these foods into your diet? I still haven't eaten seafood, but I have had beans. My body experienced some slight shock when I first ate beans Monday morning (what about you?). I felt kind of bloated, but I had beans again yesterday in a vegetarian chili and they seemed to digest better.

We're still juicing every morning, but some mornings I've been hungry before arriving to the office so I'll eat a banana before leaving the apartment, which has helped hold me over. Lunches and dinners have been a mix of soups and salads.

I really miss eating out. My perpetually growing list of neighborhood restaurants I'd like to check out is collecting dust! Chefs love to add a pat butter here, a splash of cream there when you least expect it though, so I am taking a restaurant hiatus through next week. While preparing meals using limited ingredients can cause some frustration, it's also made life a little easier, taking out the guesswork of whether I should grab a handful of chips or carrot sticks. The more virtuous decision will always win during the next two weeks, and once you come to terms with it, it makes meal and snack times more strategic (as long as you remember to pack your carrot sticks).

How's week 2 for you?

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  • Thanks for the update. I have to say that the last few days have been a bit tough. I've had a very hard time waking up in the morning and I have been craving food more than last week! I also have noticed through the whole cleanse that my skin has become very dry, especially on my face! My husband and I are on day 10 and we are sticking to it faithfully. I'm wondering if it's just taken this long for the detox symptoms to really manifest (I didn't feel very bad last week at all). Aside from that, I have noticed many positive changes physically and mentally. It's been great to get into this clean eating - if only I didn't have to spend so much time in the kitchen!

  • I have felt so much better this week than last. It was a real treat to have salmon for dinner. I still love the smoothies for breakfast. We made our own Facebook group of friends so we could do it together. We post what recipes we like and how we've been feeling. None of us would have stuck with it this long if it hadn't been for the support of the others in the group. I highly recommend it. This has been amazing and am really proud that I've made it this far. I've lost weight and feel great.

  • Author Comment:

    @Kristi: Sorry to hear that it's been getting more difficult. I wonder if you're taking in ample calories? Eating lots of fruits and veggies should definitely be helping your skin look more healthful and hydrated. Have you been losing weight? One study showed that as fat breaks down in your body it releases stored toxins, so as long as you're shedding pounds, you might feel crummy.

    @Leslie: Please send me the link to your Facebook group! I would love to share with the team.

  • I am feeling great and so agree with your comment about how the plan has taken the guesswork out of eating. I like that I don't have to measure things...or debate about whether I can have something or not. I know the guidelines and I am sticking to them. It feels great - both from a physical standpoint and from the mental & emotional charge of knowing I have accomplished something and met the challenge. I feel like if I have come this far, it will only get easier My question is: can the juice I have each morning have too much sugar in it? I am making fresh green lemonade in my juicer, but worry I may be adding too much fruit. Should I be concerned about that? Or just as long as I am eating whole foods not get too caught up on it? That is the only fruit I eat all day...

  • Jennifer, I know this doesn't answer your question but green lemonade sounds delicious, would you mind sharing your recipe?

  • I have still been experiencing headaches. I drink herbal tea and water all day so I know it isn't dehydration. Anyone else? Other than that, I feel pretty good. Pretty tired still, but have more energy.

  • Thank you for your response Lindsay. I am losing weight, but I don't know how much. I don't usually weigh myself; I just go by how my clothes are fitting, and they are getting a little bit looser. Maybe that's what it is. I also have 4 kids ages 7 and under, I work about 30 hours a week and I do volunteer work, so I usually am going non-stop. In hindsight, I'm sure my extra busy schedule this week has contributed to my lack of desire to get up in the morning lately. Just gotta keep on going...
    Jennifer, I would also love to hear what the recipe is for your green lemonade - sounds great!

  • Well, I made it 16 days on the clense and had to stop. I just felt too depleted of nutrients, ive been dizzy and lethargic and really sick lastnight. I lost 10 pounds in 16 days and just felt it was too much too fast. I loved the recipes though and plan on incorporating them in my daily living. I'm kind of disappointed that I had to end the clense early because I really wanted to see it through to the end.

  • I am on day 14 and have enjoyed adding in fish and beans. Tomorrow starts Week 3 for me so I am very excited about adding grains. It might not happen until weekend though since I need to go to grocery and do more cooking. I feel fine, I really didn't have any detox sypmtoms though. I am starting to miss foods though and agree with LIndsay about not eating out. Really miss that freedom! It makes me realize how much of my social and fun life revolves around food... and wine which I also miss.

  • I've followed the cleanse faithfully from day 1 and I can't believe how amazing I feel. There is no doubt that I'm going to become a flexitarian-- or more, as Mark Bittman calls it a semi vegan-- because giving up meat and dairy (something my diet was chock full of) has totally opened my eyes. I feel so amazing, lighter, happier, more energized and I've lost about 5 pounds so far after this, my 10th day.

    I've been doing with this a buddy and she's had a harder time but she's also a big coffee drinker. I've never been a caffeine addict so I didn't have to deal with that. @kendra, sounds like your dizziness and lethargy may have been some pretty intense caffeine withdrawals. I agree it sounds like an awful lot of weight loss so quickly, but then again if this cleanse was so different from your daily diet, it could be an appropriate reflection of the change you made.

    Overall I'm so glad I've done this. I feel healthier and i'm on my way to losing hte 35 pounds i'm striving for and there's no doubt I'm implementing the philosophy behind this detox for the way I plan to eat from now on.

  • LOVED the salmon and bok choy dinner tonight! I'm still struggling with my mindless-snacking cravings...I ate 5 or 6 fruit/nut bites tonight with a major desire for a sweet desert, and they just didn't quite cut it. I guess at least I'm still eating cleanse foods opposed to cheating and eating something unhealthy, but I probably won't be losing any weight!

  • Day 9 in Wyoming!
    It's so cold -19 with the wind chill factor so the red lentil soup hit that special spot for both of us! (we added the green chiles and a dash of cayenne).

    My Steve has lost an incredible 14 pds in 9 days.

    Tonight after indulging in the soup he became ill and tossed it all back up. I think there is a lesson there... you just can't go gorging because it's all whole and hearty and on the plan, well let's hope it's from stuffing his face with two hudge bowls!

    I on the upper side of things feel great but am loosing my already not so vulumptous boobs. The first 1 inch came right off my tubby belly but the 2nd -yep you guessed -that's to much of my girls! What can I do?!


  • I agree with others that I was sure glad to have some salmon this week. I do like beans but have really enjoyed the fish. Even tried the sardines with initially a little hestitation. But the sardine recipe was really good. My energy level has been really good. I work night shift as a emergency room nurse so I would usually drink coffee during the night. I haven't needed it! Down 7 pounds!

  • Is decaf coffee allowed?

  • Green lemonade is awesome, for those who commented on it. I start every day with it and it gives me a jolt...and along with a handful of almonds it holds me until lunch. I have a Hurom juicer; I guess you could try to make this in a blender but I am not sure it would be as good. The juicer really extracts the juice and gives you a silky, smooth drink. The combo is basically kale (any type; I love the purple kind), a couple of apples and a lemon or two - all with peel on. You have to play with the amounts to suit your taste. Some days I throw in a kiwi or a pear. Just depends how sweet you want it. But beside the green color, you have NO idea that there is kale in this drink. Check out the blog greenlemonade.com for more on this combo and other juice ideas. I believe the woman who writes the blog is also a contributor to this site. Great stuff!

  • Green lemonade sound wonderful! Is anyone making these smoothies with a Vitamix or Blentec? My old blender is about to go and I am considering a Vitamix. Big investment, though. I'm wondering if I should get a juicer instead.

    Sigh...I'm loving the cleanse and have stuck to it every day. But I'm just so tired. Can't wait to start feeling more energized.

  • Day 11 here- I hope I didn't skew the detox-rules too much- but I decided to get Chipotle ...::gasp::...but I think I actually stuck to the plan- I got a vegetarian salad (no dressing)- lettuce, grilled peppers and onions, black beans, tomato salsa, corn salsa and guacomole. not bad right? I don't want to make a habit of it, but if I just have this once during the detox I think I'll be okay. It definitely satisfies my "eating-out" craving ;-)

  • Hi Elaine,

    Just wanted to let you know that you can pick up a juicer at Target or KMart for about 35 dollars. Try it before you make a big investment. It may be all you need or want.

    Day 11 for me. I have stuck to the plan 100%(unless you count tasting the red enchilada sauce for additional needed seasoning against me). Still have to feed the kids. I feel fantastic. Have not had this much energy in years. Lost 8lbs and gained one back since starting week two. Not sure why that is happening. Started walking/running everyday about 2 miles. Gool luck to all and keep up the good work.

  • Day 10 in Wyoming and its still cold! Ugh! I just to go walking so bad...at night I have ton amount of energy but in the morning not so much. Walking up with weights really helps that...missed out today (received a new puppy - yeah I know - in the middle of the cleanse - silly me) due to Bella (puppy) but have been doing them all week and I really enjoy the meditations. REALLY! They are awesome and my day is so nice. My relationship with food has really changed....love that...this is great. We are actually doing ladies - doesn't it feel good to come this far considering last week? AWESOME WE ARE Oh yeeeaaah Babies!!

  • Day 6...started a bit later than everyone. Looking forward to week 2. Lost 5 lbs so far but I feel so much healthier. I loved the pistachio stuffed dates, the morning juices, the lunch and dinner salads. I love cooking so I am really happy so far with the plan. My friend is doing this with me and it helped a lot! I havent done this before but i feel really good that i made it this far! I think this is exactly what I needed to start off the year in a positive mind set.

  • Its that time of the month and I am having chocolate cravings like whoa! Does anyone know if raw organic cacao nibs (in moderation) would be ok? They're not processed, no added sugar, and technically a bean... thoughts? I've been fantasizing about sprinkling some nibs on a banana, please help!
    The pistachio-stuffed dates with coconut are wonderful for that salty-sweet-crunchy craving by the way :)

  • Hello! I am on day 5, I also started a bit later. It has been great reading all the comments. I have absolutely loved all the recipes that I have tried so far. I know I have a few days, but I am looking forward to week two. I am a fitness instructor and actually took today off so I would not over do it. I do not want to lose muscle! I have had a low grade headache every once and a while and don't feel like my brian is working 100%, but I have lost 4 pounds and I think my body has been craving something like this cleanse! Keep up the great work and sharing, because I don't have anyone doing this with me!!! Have a great day!

  • My husband and I are on Day 9 and are feeling pretty good, but a little nervous to go into another weekend -- last weekend was rough for us! Like so many of you, we love to eat out, especially on the weekend. We've both dropped some weight -- I'm down 6 pounds and he's down 11! We have enjoyed all of the recipes, too, but aren't used to doing so many dishes (especially the darn juicer and food processor, ugh!). In the past, we've had great success with "cheat days," but 2011 was a tough year and we are definitely emotional eaters. By the end of the year, we had become very lax and often ended up with several cheats in a week. No excuses, that was just our reality. In just 9 days, I feel like we're on the right track to getting back to our healthy selves :-) But boy, could I use a cheat day! I desperately want a latte. Is a decaf soy latte out of the question?!

  • I'm on day 13 and loving all the food. First week was rough- hungry all the time, but as of today I've lost 8 lbs. and feel really good. I am tired today and would love an ice tea but not going to do it. My work has been extremely busy and stressful but I have stuck to this cleanse and not fallen into my typical habits of grabbing food on the go or, chocolate and wine when I'm stressed. This week I feel way more satisfied after my meals and not hungry like I was the first week. I enjoy reading everyone's comments and would like to join Facebook page if possible. Good luck everyone!

  • Hi Lindsay. Yes week two is exciting, with new recipes to try. I love my juicer again and think I will keep juicing for breakfast. Its a great way to start the day. I've come to realize that my most intense cravings have a direct connection to stress in the work place. Knowledge is power and I plan on making better choices in the future. Have a great week all!

  • I'm nearing the end of my 2nd week, and like many of those who've commented, there have been a few times where I have felt that I've craved certain foods MORE than in week one (didn't crave anything there, but missed coffee lots!). I have lost weight, but I think not so much lately as I think I've been eating too many nuts as snacks. But have also had fresh fruit (apples, clementines) as well. Serving size has been important for me to watch out for, as I naturally tend to eat too much. Can't wait for addition of other foods next week!
    And Elaine-I have a vitamix and LOVE it. Have made the smoothies in it and it's worked out great!

  • I was going to comment a few days ago, but I'm glad I refrained as I don't think I would have been very nice. I was exhausted and CRANKY, which seems to be the way my days have ended (and sometimes proceeded) since week 2 began. Is it possible that I'm reacting to one of the foods or perhaps the lack of grains? We did eat the miso soup for breakfast and the red lentil soup for lunch for four days. Yesterday, we switched to sweet potato breakfast and black bean salad lunch.

    Or perhaps the detox has stripped down some of my emotional barriers and I'm cranky due to other unpleasant feelings. I'm amid a job search that's left me feeling isolated and frustrated not being out in the workforce.

    My husband, on the other hand, has been amazing! He's lost over ten pounds and is looking rather svelte. We've also begun eating our meals at the table consistently instead of in front of the tv. We've also included a media fast as part of our journey (excluding, of course, the nfl playoffs and Jeopardy). As a consequence, weve both been much more productive and engaging in hobbies that have tended to be ignored.

    Honestly, besides my crankiness, it's been a great experience (although I couldn't have said so honestly until now. If anyone else has had a skmilar experience, I'd love to here about it. And thank you Whole Living for all the wonderful recipes. We've really enjoyed them all!

  • Sorry, I meant to say that I have been feeling better since we switched to different foods: the black bean salad and sweet potato, although still was cranky last night.

  • And I apologize for the typos (skimlar) and misspellings (here). I'm writing this on my iPhone.

    Oh, do you think it might be the soy in the miso?

  • I've been loving week 2! After the tough detox I am feeling better. However, like most people I am also feeling a craving of junk food - french fries, hamburgers, pizza, pasta and sweets! Before the cleanse I would given in to any cravings I had, which led to me feeling bloated, tired and sluggish. I am really glad I did this cleanse, even though it is tough at times.

    Kelly: I also was feeling the crankiness and lethargy during week 1 - I thought it would never end! During week 1 I was feeling lots of fatigue, fogginess, headaches, crankiness and overall all crappiness. Bath Soaks helped, as well as turning into bed early. Good Luck, it gets better!

  • Don't some of these calories per serving seem awfully high? I know it's not primarily a weight-loss plan, but 600 calories per serving for the grilled salmon and bok choy seemed a bit much.

  • I've been feeling absolutely AWESOME and really loving this diet. However, I have encountered an unexpected issue this past week. I'm a breastfeeding momma, and my supply has suddenly plummeted. I've been having extra servings and snacks to make sure that my calories stay up higher, but my husband is worried that I've lost too much weight too quickly and am just not taking in as many fats as I used to eat, so perhaps my body is trying to conserve its fat stores. I really do feel awesome, but I'm considering modifying the diet a bit to include some dairy back into it. I'm not 100% certain if it's the diet or the Mirena IUD that I got, although that was about 5-6 weeks ago, so it seems kind of late to be suddenly having that side effect. I'm talking to some lactation consultant friends. We'll see. I may have to modify it a bit, but I have really loved how it's made me feel! I'll definitely be revisiting this in the future if I end up having to drop it or change it too much.

  • Amanda, from what I have heard it's generally not recommended that you do a detox diet, or lose weight rapidly, when breastfeeding. You could certainly incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables.

  • I'm doing the Cleanse by myself, but in week 2 my husband & son started showing a wee bit of interest in the recipes. We all LOVED the salmon & plan to keep it on the menu. I made the chickpea, broccoli & miso soup tonight. That's great, will keep that one on our menu as well, long after the cleanse is finished. I feel that I've picked up a lot of better eating habits. We were pretty good but got off track over the holidays.

  • I'm so glad someone else mentioned being exhausted and cranky! My caffeine headaches only lasted the first two days of the cleanse and I've tried to keep my cardio to a minimum with only pilates, weight lifting and yoga and some X-country skiing on the weekends. But this last week I was very cranky most of the time and pretty tired throughout the weekend (even with 9 hours of sleep each night). I think it might be the lack of grains so I'm hoping I can just push through the next few days and then get going on Week 3. Overall, most of my food symptoms (feeling bloated, acid reflux, indigestion)have completely disappeared and I have realized how much I snack during the day, just because I'm bored and not because I'm hungry. I have been craving cheeseburgers and chocolate the last two weeks as well but just keep telling myself that my body will thank me later if I don't indulge. I've also lost about 5 pounds but wasn't doing this cleanse to lose weight so an added bonus, as long as I don't lose much more. I'm happy about all the vitamins and minerals I'm putting into my body right now, without taking a supplement. And am hoping to keep many of the recipes for future use. Thanks for helping me kick off the New Year in such a positive way!

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