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2012 Action Plan: Not Too Shaky!

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Hi cleansers!

I know I'm a day behind you all and I applaud you for it. Yesterday was intense. I had a persistent pounding headache until I finally fell asleep around 1 a.m. this morning. Fortunately today I woke up feeling a little more refreshed, but still pretty groggy without my morning coffee. The cleansers at Whole Living decided to all band together for support, so we juiced together this morning and will be rotating lunch duty this week. It definitely helps to have people around you who are on board, although we all agree that we are tirrreeddd. When 3 p.m. rolled around it seemed we all entered a sluggish fog. Some are hungry. Some feel bloated from all the vegetables. All of us coffee drinkers are drained.

We all noshed on the Avocado with Bell Pepper and Tomatoes today---they were really delicious! Janice, Whole Living's copy editor, made the Dried Fruit and Nut Bites, so I had a couple of those earlier, too, along with a handful of trail mix. I'm trying not to snack too much today. In order to really give your digestive system a rest (and hopefully drop a couple lbs), you don't want to constantly be taking in food.

What have you noticed the most about your regular eating habits? I, for one, am so much more of a grazer than I once thought! In the magazine, reigistered dietician Cynthia Sass says to only eat when you're really hungry (ie stomach growling), a feeling you should have about 4 times each day. I feel like most days at the first inkling of hunger, I reach for food, rather than making sure it's not just my body's signal for water.

Looking forward to hearing how you all are doing, and hoping that I wake up feeling refreshed tomorrow!

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  • Day 3 and I have a terrible pounding headache and I can't even get ahold of my support buddy. Pout Pout.

  • Ok, I was confused about he bloating, but it must be the veggies for me too! Glad i'm not alone in that. Water with lemon has been great in the mornings. I'm not missing coffee/black tea too much. It was definitely a bit easier to get up the past few days!

  • I feel like I could've written this blog - so similar to my experience! I also began one day late, and I hate to say that I'm "happy" to hear that you guys are tired & have a headache - but I was so relieved to hear I'm not the only one missing caffeine so much! I am NOT a napper. Ever. I broke down & took one yesterday to quiet my caffeine headache.

    Today I've been chugging water at my desk and trying not to snack too much on my cranberry-pumpkin seed trail mix.

  • I'm glad to hear others are tired! I've been crazy drowsy all day... I even fell asleep in my chair at work!

  • This is day 3 for me. I felt really good this morning and went to boot camp! I am a vegetarian, and I'm missing dairy, beans and eggs. My usual yogurt and granola or protein smoothie breakfast was truly missed after my workout. I am wondering if anyone else is not experiencing as many BMs as normal. I drink mostly decaf and only had a bit of a headache yesterday afternoon. I was wondering if young coconut as a snack is ok?

  • Day three has been much better. Days 1 & 2: Tired, cranky, headache and general malaise.! I took a nice hot bath to induce a sweat to help release the toxins (not recommended for those with high BP/heart conditions). Today... I feel MUCH better. Also, I have been enjoying the warm mug of water and lemon with the yoga stretches each morning. These are really relaxing morning rituals :)

  • Hi all! This is the end of my day 2. I have got the "headache" and fatigue feeling. I had the day off so I just finished cooking the butternut squash soup and the beet soup. Getting ready to make the slaw so I can have lunch tomorrow (and probably the day after). So glad you guys are here, this is a huge change in my life style, but so far I love the recipes! I think later on I will take the hot bath to see if I can sweat out some of these toxins too!! And, yes, I too have the boating and fewer BM's which I find baffling as I am consuming so much fiber...maybe I shouldn't speak so soon. I also like the water with lemon, and will do the yoga stretches before the bath. TTY tomorrow!!

  • Day 9 tor me today. I'm down 7 pounds and have surprisingly found myself to be in control of my eating. Even when I'm hungry I have the patience to prepare the meal and not gorge on whatever I can find. I thought I would miss processed sugar but I haven't at all.....ok maybe the second day. Almost halfway through the clense and I have the confidence that I'm going to go the whole 3 weeks and possibly the 4th as well. The reviles have been really flavorful as well, which really has helped keep me interested in keeping on.

  • Due to being out of town and not in my kitchen, this is Day 2 for me! I woke up with a pounding headache today, but that went away after breakfast, thank goodness. I've been surprised by how tasty these recipes have been (so far, I'm a big fan of the Butternut Squash Soup and the Kale Slaw... not so much the Broccoli and Squash with Tahini). And great idea with the bath, Kelly... I think I'll take one tonight!

  • Hi All! I just finished Day 2, and so far so good! These last few weeks have been full of sugar and alcohol, so I'm really surprised my body's not freaking out right now. I've actually had more BM's and lost two pounds as of this morning! Any word on whether we should be taking vitamins? I'm not, but notice my urine is very clear, so there is evidently no vitamins/minerals to spare! Hard to believe with all the veggies and fruits. But, I feel good, so who cares!
    Thanks Whole Living! BTW, loved the avocado dish!

  • End of day three and finally the blinding headache is gone. Today was a challenge with a few temptations in the way, but I'm forging ahead to day four. Hope that I start feeling a little energized. Good luck everyone!

  • End of Day 2 for me as well - I'm also so glad you all are here, too. Headaches not as bad as yesterday but walking through Costco in search of the replacement blender that broke this morning was tough - all those samples! I stayed strong and am so proud of myself. I love the avacado meal - tonight we had the sweet potato and it was good. Yes, two days and no BM - is that normal? What do I need to do?

  • My wholistic therapist and another nutrition coach Kristy said it was totally okay to take your normal supplements. Boy I have never ate so healthy in my life! Delicious and oh so tired - Day three and I'm exhausted - headache like theres tomorrow. Thank goodness for that easy Roasted Bell Peppers and Almond salad recipe. Yummy...hang in there - WE CAN DO THIS!!!

  • i have a question, popcorn, is it allowed? and also cocoa?

  • Day 3, and my headache is fading. I am going to try to sleep more tonight though b/c work is tough without the coffee! I am finding that some cravings are already going away which feels really good. I do hope I lose some weight, but I'm trying to keep the focus on nourishing my soul at this juncture in my life.

    I saw someone went to bootcamp? That sounds impossible with my energy level, but I'm wondering about hot yoga? With so few calories, I worry I will faint... but it seems like it would be a good idea to sweat some toxins. What do you think, folks?

  • So I have a question. What is the reason for detox symptoms? I am not a coffee drinker so I am not having withdrawals from that. Everyone says that cleansing brings all of the "bad stuff" out, but why wouldn't that come out while you are eating regularly also?? To me it almost seems like the symptoms I am getting are simply from not taking in enough calories? I don't mean to sound ignorant or negative, I only want to know what is going on in my body! I have a slight headache, i feel a bit dizzy and my stomach feels empty.

  • Glad to hear I am not the only one with a headache! Today I have to say has not been as bad today...thank goodness!

    I've been doing a lot of juicing and made the Butternut Apple soup which I've had for dinner last night and lunch today. I also have been enjoying some crunchy salads with tons of veggies, apples and sunflower seeds. Thanks for inspiring me! I've been documenting my cleanse on my FB page and blog http://www.oboyorganic.com/blog/a-new-year-cleanse

  • ohhh wow that Broccoli Tahini was awesome even Steven liked it alot! (I subbed a little pistashio in with the homemade sauce because I didn't have a whole cup of seasame seeds and it was fab!) but...my headache remains and think now I will join the rest of you to a super hot bath as my legs are still aching too!

    PS Bowels are more than usual. I've had 2 Beet Juicy things (day 1 and 2) and maybe by the looks of things ;-) that is what made "it" happen. No coffee is probably playing it's roll with this one folks! Hubby not having issues either must be the beets?

    No end in sight for me yet but I know I have a lot to DETOX= meds, coffee 4-5 cups AM, sugar and yes lots of booze since Thanksgiving- eeks

    FUNNY- Kerrie AKA "Squeeks" told me her voice is hurting her head today and I told her it was hurting mine too! Hugz!

  • First time I've done a cleanse, and I can't believe I'm doing it. I thought I'd be gnawing on my arm by the end of the day, but it turns out the trickiest part is mealtimes with my kids and not picking at their unfinished plates.

    I've had an awful headache today...does anyone have suggestions for how to help ease the pain? I don't think it's caffeine withdrawal because I didn't Unfortunately, lemons give me migraines, so I can't do the hot water with lemon. I tried a hot shower, talked my husband into a neck rub, and drinking lots of water, but all to no avail. I'd appreciate any feedback! Thank you!

  • End of day 3 for me, and staying strong! Unfortunately a cold hit me pretty hard yesterday that all of my co-workers and roommates have(sinus drainage/headache/cough beginning/sore throat), but I think I couldn't have started this detox at a better time...tonight I feel like everything is already starting to clear up! :) The break I'm giving my digestive system, drinking lots of water, as well as the loads of vitamins from all of the veggies (and garlic!) have seemed to really help.

  • Karen -- I found that even a short time (20 minutes) lying down helped with the blinding headache that I had yesterday. It did keep coming back though throughout the day.

  • Day 1 for me and so far so good!I do feel slightly bloated from all the veggies...but not unbearable. I'm really hoping I don't get these awful headaches you all are talking about! I don't usually drink coffee ( it makes me too jittery), so perhaps I'm in the clear. I know my biggest challenge will be my cravings for added sugar and chocolate. In the past when I've detoxed, that has been the worst.Keep it up everyone :) It's great to have this support!

  • Am also running a bit behind but I'll do 21 days anyway, I'll simply finish 3 days later than you all. Had the Beet-Garlic soup for dinner tonight, & yeah, am I bloated! After all the rich foods over the holidays, I'm really looking forward to getting on track w/this cleanse. Will be doing the Grapefruit-Carrot Juice in the morning (skipping coffee will be tough) & will let you know about any headaches.

  • Day 2 here.

    LOVE the grapefruit-carrot-ginger juice.

    Yes, bloated and less BM's. Seems weird to me - can someone from Whole Living please comment about this?!

    My goal is to stop grazing.

    @lyndsay: i think the answer is no popcorn or cocoa - sorry! popcorn is essentially corn which is quite starchy (a no-no on this cleanse) and cocoa is chocolate (also a no-no)

  • End of Day 2 for me too. Headache is bad today. And I have a sore throat and a bit of a cough. Seems odd that it would be deriding already; hope I am not getting sick.
    I have had 3-4 BM's a day!!!, but I still feel bloated. This is typical from the past few cleanses I have done. I am loving the recipes though and have not been hungry or tired. Off to bed and ready for Day 3. Hope the headache and sore throat go away. Keep it up everyone.

  • I like many of the recipes on the detox, but I really think that it is not as healthy of a plan as I had expected. My husband tried to go on it with me, but when we got to the beet and garlic soup as the only thing to eat for dinner, we realized this was not good for us. Consuming under 200 cals for dinner, with virtually no protein is not going to sustain us or make us feel good. The pounding headaches many experience may not be from "detoxing" but from your body crying out for protein or from dehydration or from not getting enough balance in the diet. The detox does not seem to acct for size (hubbie is 6'3") and ht & wt do matter. We have switched to a clean paleo diet and are feeling tremendously better eating lean protein, tons of vegetables, a handful of nuts per day, whole low-glycemic fruits, and cutting out gluten, grains, dairy, caffeine, and added sugar. You can detox and feel good on a strict paleo diet. You won't be hungry, tired, weak, or feel unwell. If you can't go strict paleo, try a primal diet. Google it and see what you find. Lots of resources out there now. And I would love to see "Whole Living" explore this diet more for readers. Paleo/primal is terrific for celiac disease and other gut issues.

  • Day 3 Only a slight headache, no BM (yet!). i have been taking my normal multivitamin, but only with solid food meals. Vegetarian, so missing cheese, and bread, and wine. Planning on having some "cheats" on the weekend (red wine for sure). Hoping to hold out 'til then.

  • Day 4 is here and I am feeling the effects! I'm so incredibly tired, dizzy, grumpy and am hungry. My fiancé and I are still in this together, in fact if she wasn't here for me and I not for her we would have fallen off the bus yesterday when we visited Philly! Lorenzo's pizza was screaming our names! We made it through and here we are on day 4. We are getting a little tired of eating and drinking the same thing so I made a creation this morning out of the ingredients from the other smoothie recepies.
    1 cup of frozen raspberries
    1 cup of frozen mangos
    3/4 cup of orange juice
    1/4 cup of carrot juice
    1 cup of water
    It actually tastes pretty good and I'm drinking it right now! Hope this helps some other detoxers! Let's stick this out because we can do it!

  • It is day 4 for me, but yesterday was horrible...the headache was so bad. More than the food and anything else is the caffeine that is really affecting me. I love the trail mix and the butternut soup is delish...but oh, mornings without coffee...But today woke up feeling a lot better and somehow with no headache...let's see how I feel after lunch..

  • My husband and I are doing this. The no protein was tough and he had to have an egg this morning. I love the butternut squash soup and sweet potato/apple salad. I had the beet apple juice this morning and was STARVING an hour later. Felt a bit woozy and think I too may need protein. I am having great sleeps and not waking up during the night which is fantastic. I am really missing baking and enjoying muffins and cookies. I do wish there were more dinner recipes though.

  • Day 3 for me... yesterday was awful! I'm not hungry but I had an awful headache! I found the only place to keep my head from pounding was having my head slightly elevated in bed. DH and kids were very gracious and took care of themselves. I felt like quitting. I am so glad I found all of you!!! I have found the energy to keep going. This kick-start is exactly what I need to start taking care of myself. I still have a headache this morning but I'm thinking of it more of a gold star than a nuisance. I can slow down and still get some work done knowing that some serious work is being done inside. And I'm counting on feeling better soon per your posts! I'm clinging to that!

  • Beginning of Day 4. I'm here. That's all really. Just here. I'm right with you Jen. Yesterday was the worst day ever. I had to take a hot bath for 30 minutes to get relief and then i went straight to bed. Right now I'm drinking the Green Machine Smoothie - yummy! Today will be a good day. I will create a good day!

  • Day 3 - So tired and this morning even felt shakey and dizzy. I feel like I could sleep all day. However, last night I realized it had been such a busy day I hadn't had enough water. So I drank 2 glasses between dinner and bed and now the BMs are here. I've lost four pounds and don't feel bloated but sort of svelt. Like there is more room to move inside (that sounds strange) but it's like I'm skinny on the inside. The Yoga stretches have really helped. That's right, Kerrie, it will be a great day!

  • My husband and I started our detox a few days earlier than suggested, so we are on day 8. We had all the symptoms mentioned for the first couple of days, tired, headache, nauseous, bloated and so cheated a bit and started eating brown rice, fish and beans at the end of day 4. Felt instantly better. We are still going to eliminate the six no-no foods, but are eating just about anything else that is plant-based and a whole food. My husband has already lost 7-8 pounds and I've dropped a few too. I am eating more avacados and nuts to ensure I don't lose more than a couple of pounds. My skin looks really good, but other than that, I'm not noticing a big difference.

  • Great job everyone! For most, we have made it to day 4! I have not experienced headaches, however, felt a bit bloated on day 2. Feeling great this morning.....down 3 lbs. Also, I am trying to keep myself on the mind challenge. Finding a positive in everything. Yesterday I baked a cake for my 10 year old son and didn't even get to lick the spoon, but I am getting healthy so I can be around for awhile. Keep up the good work ev one.

  • Day 4 10:30 AM in Wyoming.
    I too took that hot bath last night and my legs are MUCH-MUCH better today.
    Headache is BARELY hanging on although I am very-very hungry. Munching on these dates and pistashio's right now.
    2 pds gone and I am sure it's in the toilet ;-) .

    What's for dinner tonight?!

  • Day four in New Jersey. I'm feeling good - though you could use my afternoon slump as a timer. @:30 without fail, I'm ready for a nap and I have slight headache. But I'm 2 pounds down and the fiance has almost stopped complaining about being hungry. Almost. 17 days to go!

  • On day 4 myself and feeling a bit like a beached whale, so bloated. This just not make sense to me at all. BM's also greatly reduced. I need help!

  • Dianne have you had a beet juicy? I am sure that having that 2 days in a row is why Steve and I are not having any of "those" issues. Warning once it starts you may wish it didn't!

  • This is day three for me. I have to say I am much improved today. I have headaches on a normal basis which is one of the reasons I wanted to do this cleanse. To try to see what might be affecting me. Last night was really miserable. Went to bed at 6pm, ugh! This morning though, my sinuses feel better, and my headache is fading. Hopefully a good sign.

  • This is my first detox and it has been very challenging for me! Usually I eat every 2-3 hours because I get ravinous and sick if I don't. I hardly ever deny myself anything and I work at an Italian restaurant… So yeah. Luckily I haven't worked much this week because I can barely think or talk to people and every time I go into the kitchen I feel like I'm going to punch someone (not literally but all that bread and cheese and pasta and tirimisu makes me crazy). I'm so thankful for this plan though and for my friend that I talked into doing this with me because I'm finally doing something that I've never had the conviction to do before! So YAY TO US! Very hungry and tired, basically sloth around the house. Difficult for me to say what my detox symptoms are because I've been sick since the middle of December so I can't tell anymore. However I will say that it reminds me of the feeling your get after a massage. I'm just so proud of myself!

  • I just finished lunch. Today was butternut squash soup and I LOVED it! But yesterday's lunch - the sweet potato, apple and celery salad was TO DIE FOR! I suggest preparing it the night before so it will marinate.

    My detox partner, my husband, fell off the wagon this morning and stopped for a latte on his way to work. It makes me want to cheat, honestly. I sort of feel like, "if he can do it, so can I." So I'm writing this here to recommit. I can do this!

    I'm not sure if it's 'allowed,' but I've been drinking a lot of herbal tea. That seems to help me with my coffee cravings.

  • Way to go Sadah! What an inspiring post!

    It's day 3 for me. Day 1 & 2, tired, plus I'm fighting a cold. Yesterday was really rough, probably battling toxins and the bug that gave me a wicked sore throat, and too felt bloated. However, by the end of the day, I felt better and went a birthday dinner in the evening. I told the guest of honor beforehand about the cleanse. Also, on Day 1, I posted a picture of my butternut squash soup and kale salad on Facebook to alert the rest of my friends that I was on the Challenge, to let friends know that I'm not planning to eat when I join them out at restaurants this month. At the dinner, I had a super tiny SLIVER (and I mean sliver) of coconut cake and an itchy bump arose on my face. Note to self: there's a reason why sugar is not part of the Challenge, LOL!

    Probably out of pity, the host of the birthday dinner insisted that the waiter bring me soup which was a water broth with steamed broccoli and carrots. Turns out it was easy to watch others enjoy delicious Malaysian fare (some of my favorite foods). The clear soup was satifying.

    Today I took a walk in the sun and cool air before a kale salad lunch and I feel really good. I noticed that the feeling of a spare tire around my waist is finally subsiding, and I'm guessing it's because I haven't had bread, pasta or dessert.

  • P.S. I was bloated before the cleanse, and I normally eat a vegan diet. But, over the holidays i had hundreds of sweets, lots of wine, Soy Silk "egg" nog, pasta, and some cheese when visting other peoples' homes. Also, because my school provides a 'free' soda fountain, I drank tons of soda (something I had not done in nearly a decade!)to get me through day-long lectures. I think I even had coffee about three times in the last few months, so not my usual fare! Sooo, I was really hoping the low/protein, nearly zero carb for the few days would allow me to reverse some of the craziness I had consumed physically and mentally given a wonderful, yet crazy-busy holiday season.

  • MELISSA!!!! STAY STRONG!!! You can do this - you don't need that husband. I'm doing it alone in my home and still cooking dinner for them...all I have is Christine (babies Godmother)and she's like far far away. so you can do this sister! Colby-I can totally relate. I too feel skinny on the inside...awesome huh?! Grace and Christine you two made me literally giggle out loud! Thanks! Anyone else journaling their food and such? Man am I noticing my negative habits I need to change. I feel like its an awakening of some sort....like I just notice things. Within. Anyone else?

  • Today is day 10 for me. I had a really hard time last night, really bad sugar cravings and grouchy at my family members. This morning I woke up dizzy and ravenously hungry, I had an egg an 1/2 piece of whole wheat bread along with a banana smoothie made with almond milk and peanut butter. After eating a good amount of protein I felt better physically and mentally. Back on plan :) I notice a huge difference in my mid section, it has flattened out quite a bit. I love the lighter feeling I'm having and 2 people have asked me today if I'm losing weight. Talk about a positive motivater! Last night I was ready to give up but today I have a renued sense of commitment.

  • @Sadah- I can totally relate! I remember a few years ago when I worked at an Italian restaurant and did a couple of cleanses. It was so hard to just walk by the delicious breadsticks! You can make it though! :) Keep it up everyone !!

  • My Steve eats beans for lunch, because he weighs almost twice what I do who am I to say no. He is paying attention to what he needs so I just worry about me (and Kerrie :-) ) Think it's pretty cool that he's still "in"! I don't think he has went 4 days w/o a beer since we met ... this is great!!

  • This is day 4 for me. Woke up with energy and no headache! Went to Whole Foods to load up on the next 3 days meals. Needed some change so bought coconut juice, dried fruit (just made the fruit and nut balls everyone is raving about!), and bought frozen, cut butternut so I can make the soup so much faster. I've been off all week so cooking is about all I am doing this week. Hope next week at work goes as well. I know it's about planning and cooking in advance. Not something I do usually. Lost some weight, and not bloated. I think each day will get easier and I will feel better!

  • I AM SOOOOO PROUD OF STEVE!!! GOOD JOB! Thank you Christine for putting up with and everyone else on here for that matter. This is GREAT! DAY FOUR AND I'M HAPPY ABOUT IT!

  • I don't know what to do. My fiancé that has been doing the detox with me is convinced that moving on to week 2 & 3 recipes is perfectly fine, though it states clearly not to skip ahead because they are put in order for a reason. She got this idea from reading other comments on this blog and said, well other people are doing it... Am I being too rigid? Is it not really that big of a deal because she said her body needs protein? Is there an alternative for high protein that would keep us on week 1 and therefore on track? Help.

  • My friend at work recruited me into this...so I was a bit reluctant at first. I always thought the 4 basic food groups were; sugar, fat, salt and alcohol!
    This past week I have felt better than I have in years. I can think clearer and I do not get tired in the afternoon like I usually do. After the 3(or maybe 4 )weeks I will cont to eat more natural foods and less processed food. Thanks KAren!

  • @Melissa- Stay strong sister!! I have been picking up the ziplock bag full of my mom's homemade chocolate chip banana break that my husband has on the coffee table and sticking my nose in there and just inhale…for like a minute. So I totally feel your pain (as we all do)!
    @Robyn- Thank you and side note, my middle name is Robyn! I don't know how you or anyone is going out with friends to dinner/drinks. I don't think my restraint is quite there yet, even though I feel so determined to do this.
    @Kerrie- How can you cook other food?!?! I can't do it, you are so strong!!! I agree, you don't need your partner to do it with you (although it would be easier) but it does help to have someone to commiserate with. This forum or comment thing whatever this is is super helpful for that!!!!
    @Jillian n Danielle- I think your desire to be 'rigid' is well founded. I think I do it because if I let myself slip on one thing then I'll just start doing it more and more, but that's my MO.
    Does anyone else find this whole thing almost funny at times? Maybe it's just my detox partner Rachel and I because we've never done this before but we just keep cracking ourselves up. Like I'll sit really close to my husband while he's eating cheese and crackers on the couch and ask him how good it is and how he should have a beer with that because it would be really good…lol, I'm vicariously eating.
    GO US!!!!

  • Quick question... is chewing sugarfree gum okay?

  • It's day one for me. All stocked up on my fruits and veggies. The grapefruit/carrot/ginger juice is very tasty. It made 24 oz! I am NOT planning for a headache. I have detoxed before and stopped caffeine cold turkey. NOT GOOD!This time, I weaned myself off before I started this venture. My husband is open to whatever I put in front of him.... this 6'2", 300# man definitely needs to lose weight but cannot see him surviving on this diet alone. I will add some chicken and fish on the side of his dinners. I cant wait to try some of these recipes. They sound wonderful. So.... here I go!

  • Lauren---yeah for you!! I'm on the same timeline as you are...just nearing end of day 2...bad headache but hopefully will go away tomorrow after a good night's sleep

  • Okay..i gave up on day 3..feel awful but I was crabby and hungry...after reading all these blogs I really need to try again. Is anyone worried about eating to many beets? I was reading about the oxaline acid in veggies and I am confused. The recipes I tried so far are great just missing carbs. I need to do this tho I am suffering from inflammation and I am young. Its controlling my life. I am going to try again. Thanks for the motivation:)

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