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2012 Action Plan: So Close I Can Taste It!

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I cannot believe we are already entering week 3! I hope everyone feels as proud as I do. This is an amazing accomplishment, one you should feel particularly proud you've conquered as you enter the new year. I am so ready for eggs (my egg scramble with cherry tomatoes and mushrooms is proof, above) and gluten-free grains. I think both will give me the energy I need to feel really great as I finish this cleanse. I'm not a huge seafood eater, so even though we were able to add back high-quality protein last week, I still wasn't getting enough in my diet.

I love eggs though. Poached, scrambled, baked, fried---I think they are one of the most versatile, valuable ingredients in the kitchen, and one of the most affordable, to boot. Most nights after work, when I want something quick and without fuss, I'll just have an egg over whatever: greens, quinoa, polenta, pita, toast, combined with whichever vegetables I have hanging around. It's the ideal pantry dinner and saves me from resorting to Thai take-out.

I do have one confession to make. Yesterday I had coffee. I know, it's horrible. But I love the ritual of drinking coffee and was out to breakfast and really wanted a cup and my thought-process went like this: I gave it up for two full weeks, working through tough detox withdrawals, and I am so glad I went that long to see how my body reacted without my daily morning cup. That being said, while cutting out caffeine and alcohol are essential for a detox, they don't fall into the same category as gluten, dairy, and most meat, which often need to be cleared out of your system for at least three weeks for you to truly gauge how you feel without eating them. So there you have it; I cheated.

On another note, I'm really excited about this week's recipes, developed by Whole Living's deputy food editor, Shira Bocar. Definitely try the Shiitake Mushrooms and Brown Rice in Parchment: it's super delicious. The brown rice gets a crispy crust and the thyme, fresh lemon juice, and earthy mushrooms go perfectly together.

Oh, and I also can proudly say that I've lost a few pounds! I don't have a scale nor weigh myself regularly, but I can typically tell by how my clothes are fitting and let's just say I am one happy girl.

How are you all feeling? One more week to the finish line (and for those of you going the full four weeks, I applaud you!).

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  • Day 21 in Wyoming! This is great, you addmitted you are not perfect :-)
    I would love to add coffee back in however I cannot do this without the Vanilla or Carmel Vanilla Creamer and so I continue to...wait - weight is 7lbs down and 1 inch off everything!
    I feel great although I am still getting headaches on and off. Really trying to figure out what is triggering them besides hunger.

    So glad to have my OATS back, I think I missed them the most, really big on Steel Cut. I want to know why only 2 TBS is that correct?? I have more like 1/4 cup.

    Thanks so much everyone for inspiring me (Kerrie I luv you!). Thanks Linsey for keeping us posted and all your hard work!


  • I've been missing my oatmeal as well. I love my hot oats with blueberries in the morning. Are cooked oats back on the list since dry are included in the muesli recipe? They are gluten-free. This challenge has served as a great elimination diet for me and it will be interesting to see how I react to some of the grains this week. I've been battling problems with inflammation for many years and haven't been able to pinpoint exactly what has been causing the problem. Feeling closer to figuring it out.

  • Are the oats supposed to be eaten raw? I was confused about that, I assumed they just forgot to include the cooking step.

  • I'm so proud of my husband and I for making it this far. I feel great. The only day I felt sluggish and had headaches was the 2nd day, otherwise I've had tremendous energy and feel amazing. I eat when I'm hungry and amazingly I'm not that hungry anymore so don't require as many snacks as I did week 1.

    We had the rice shiitake mushroom in parchment and it is delicious! Yum! Having rice though filled me up so much. I felt stuffed. Haven't felt like that in weeks, so even though I was excited about having rice I wasnt so excited when I got done :) ha!

    I also had the coconut muesli and that has to be my fave meal in all 3 weeks. I didn't cook it, I ate it raw an it was like eating cereal. It was delicious! Eating that all week.

    Thanks for the recipes and the support, and I have lost 5 lbs so far. Hope more by the end of the week :)

  • Day 15 and feeling FANTASTIC! To date, I have lost 7 lbs, have more energy than I have ever had my whole life, and my mind/thoughts are clear and positive. Just finished the Quinoa w/poached eggs.....YUMMY! Six days to go...yes!

  • Still enjoying it! Loved the muesli this morning and the quinoa with egg and spinach is delicious. I admit, I cheated, but the good news it's made me realize how much better I feel sticking with healthier food. I've also lost weight! I'm looking forward to our next few weeks.

  • I'm not cranky anymore!! After I posted last - the day that we stopped eating the miso soup and the red lentil soup - I began to feel better. I've been happy as a clam since. And have had a ton of energy. So I'm guessing that it was likely something in one of the meals that was bothering me.

    I was thinking of making the miso soup again for breakfast next Monday as I don't have anything special going on just to see how I react. If I do, my husband can eat the rest. I'll have the Coconut Muesli instead - so YUM by the way!

    And my hubby is under 200 pounds for first time in his adult life!! Every time he passes a mirror he exclaims, "where did I go?!"

    We're now doing a circuit training exercise-y thing in the morning together before breakfast at the table. It's really awesome. Thank you Whole Living!

  • I should add, however, that we were both very hungry, very quickly after breakfast this morning - we were both starving after about an hour and a half, two hours. We were thinking of adding a hard boiled egg. Is that too much do you think? I was hoping to make the same breakfast all week long, but don't feel great about eating an egg every day. Suggestions?

  • Started alone, now have 2 family members doing this! Day 2 was my worst day and I started a week later so I now start week 2. Down 5 pounds, and feeling great. Did get some weird muscle aches down the back of my legs, but I'm 100% now. Bring on week 2!

  • Thanks for mentioning your "cheat" moment. It's reassuring to hear that no one is perfect and the detox is not a total wash after a tiny slip up.

  • I am starting Week 3 today. I decided on day 2 that I was not going to give up coffee. I am a massage therapist and assistant teacher. My work is physical and I could NOT hang with the headache. But I also assessed my goals and decided that my goals were really to get control of my sugar and wheat intake and eat better all around. Giving up coffee was not part of my long term goal, so my compromise is that I used Almond Milk instead of the half and half I usually use.

    I, too, am excited about adding eggs and quinoa back into my diet. I need more protein options than wild salmon. I don't like sardines. I've been feeling a little light headed and "slow", so I think this will add the extra energy I need to do my workouts and make it through a physical work day.

    I am down 5 pounds and feel great for the most part. I've noticed an overall loss of "puffiness" which I contribute to too much wheat/sugar/dairy in my diet. I've decided that beyond the cleanse I will greatly reduce my sugar intake and go wheat free. I know I just could never give up cheese entirely.

  • Hi all you clean people! :)
    It's so great to hear everyone's comments. My husband and I are starting week 3. We have incorporated some recipes from Tosca Reno's Clean-Eating Cookbook that fit within the criteria last week and I have included a few others for this week as well. The food is so good and I feel satisfied.

    Kelly, I have also been doing some circuit workouts in the morning. You are probably hungry because you need the extra protein from your workouts. I usually would have a protein shake after my workouts, but they don't fit on this cleanse, so I've been trying to improvise. Last week, I would have nuts and dried fruit or beans. Yesterday, I had egg whites.
    When I first started this, I thought that there was no way I would do the fourth week; this week, I am starting to plan ahead for week 4 and beyond!
    Good job everyone!

  • Kristi and others, I would love to hear your ideas for protein shakes/smoothies that fit with this cleanse -- I've been doing circuit training and running too and feeling the need for more protein.

  • Day 22 in Wyoming!

    I used some leftover Quinoa in my smoothie this morning and wow that really fills you up and energizes! I read up on the little seeds and turns out it's a super-food and their were recipes on the net for smoothies :-) .

    1/4 cup of unsweetned coconut, 1 frozen bannana, 1/2 frozen mango, 1/2 cup Quinoa, slice of pineapple, enough almond mild to make it all go around and then splashed some nectar in there to sweeten. It was good!


  • I have found that a lot of stores are now carrying a vegan protein powder (pea protein,etc). That mixed with almond milk should be okay for the detox.

  • Does anyone know if we can use the dried shiitake mushrooms? I'm having a hard time finding fresh ones.

  • Wow, can't believe I've made it this far! One of the main reasons I decided to go on the detox was because I've been on antibiotics for nearly a year (I know, frightening) for very adult acne that came out of nowhere. I went off of the antibiotics after week one, and through week two my skin cleared up significantly...aaand now on week 3 it is breaking out again :( . SO, I am trying to figure out what it was that I added back that it is reacting to...I made the lentil soup at the end of last week, and then added eggs back in over the weekend, and yes, I also cheated and had a couple cups of coffee...ok, and one alcoholic drink. So I may backtrack to week 1 and 2 recipes and then slowly add each thing back in to hopefully figure this out.

  • Becca, the same thing has happened to me. Week 2 my skin was healing quite nicely and now it is breaking out again. I also had two cups of coffee over the weekend. So, my guess is maybe either the eggs, possibly corn, or a slight chance of coffee aggravated my skin. I am really thinking that it is the eggs. :-( Also, I did not reintroduce the soy, since I have a mild intolerance. Let me know what you find out!

  • Alejandra, Start with the I-net and look for how to re-hydrate. I will be doing the same thing, no fresh ones anywhere in this town, not even the All Natural Grocery has them.

    Day 23 and my old dress pants are fitting and nicely I might add! I caught my Steve pulling up his jeans yesterday and asked him about bringing his belt back out :P


  • ALSO- I have not had a headache since the weekend! I think this is the longest I have been in 6 years - woop-woop!


  • I am starting week 3 today and I feel fantastic!
    I also did cheat and had some coffee... and a few onion rings when the other day - and I felt the effects :-( my sleep cycle was off and I had the same troubled sleep that I had before -

    so I am now thinking of how to not have coffee, which is tough because I love that bean so gosh darn much!
    The onion rings I can stay away from but the coffee is tough!

    I was soo excited to see eggs on my plate this morning! tonight I will try the chickpea and brownrice patties.

    Is ketchup ok on the cleanse? Mustard is but not sure about ketchup...

    keep on trucking everyone!

  • This is just great. Great Day! Great Feeling! Day 18 and loving it!! So proud of everyone hanging in there - you deserve to treat yourself to something special!!

  • SUSHI Kerrie tonight :-)

  • I WISH WE COULD HAVE KETCHUP. but it has sugar in it.

  • Becca and Kelly, same here! My skin looked great on week 2, but now breaking out again. Would love to hear anything you figure out.

  • Hi everyone. Haven't tried the cleanse yet. Want to, been reading up on it, and need to get a good blender/juicer. I have a couple of questions though and hope someone can help.
    In week 1 it gives directions only for the juices and smoothies....didn't see any directions to make lunch and dinner.
    I don't like mushrooms, seafood and raw coconut....will I have a problem with recipes?
    Hoping I can do this and get my husband on board. Even my daughter who lives in another state seems interested.
    And thank you all for all your helpful tips you all pass along.
    Oh and another thing....I've viewing this site from a cell phone.....no computer so don't know if that's why I'm not seeing things.

  • Ummm...never mind about directions...found it. :-p
    But still wonder about the recipes when I don't like seafood, mushrooms, raw coconut.

  • DianneMJK, I do not think it matters if you alter the recipes slightly and just keep out the seafood, mushrooms, and raw coconut. You should still get the same benefits from the cleanse.

    I, for instance, cannot have soy, onions, or garlic. For all of week two, I just replaced the soy with something else in the cleanse that I could have, such as beans for tofu or vegetable stock instead of miso for the base of soups. I replace onions and garlic with other herbs and spices.

    You could replace seafood with beans or tofu, mushrooms with tofu or another vegetable such as roasted red bell peppers with a savor spice like sage, and raw coconut with unsweetened raisins.

    Happy Cleansing! :-)

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