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Boost Your Snack Options

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Don't let nutrition fall by the wayside when planning your snacks. Wholesome snacks can help you feel full in between meals, and provide important vitamins and minerals to keep your body running strong. Try a refreshing Minty Pea Dip in place of hummus, Crispy Roasted Cauliflower in place of popcorn, or any of the 12 balanced snacks in the 2012 Whole Living Action Plan.

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  • I so wish I would of packed some snacks today. I am on my way into NYC for work and I had to leave so early that I forgot. I hope to find a Whole Foods :)

  • Prepare small bags full of frozen fruit & light yogurt & freeze them for smoothies. When ready, defrost for 1 minute in microwave. Place fruit, 1 cup skim milk, & a little Splenda (if needed) in blender. Easy & good.

  • Love these snack ideas, but it would be really helpful to have more that don't require a blender or an oven. I don't see a lot of people having those options while out at work during the day. I know fresh fruit is a given, but anything more creative would be great!

  • here are my go-to's when it comes to snacking. there are several posts here, running the gamut from simple to those that take a little more prep time. i hope this resource proves helpful to some of you looking for ideas! - eila

  • Love roasted cauliflower! Great tips.

  • I'm confused. The daily pledge is for breakfast smoothies, but then there is info for snacks. I'm happy to find the snack ideas, but where is the info on breakfast smoothies? I want to read about those...?

  • natural peanut butter and a banana are an instant pick up, and it fills up my tummy :)

  • Funny that the dip is featured in the photo as that is what I made today for a snack (early morning snack, but hey) today! It was good and I was amazed at how much the serving size was and how few calories it contained.

  • Wahoo! Kale Chips remind me of salt and vinegar potato chips : ) I am a happy camper!

  • I also find banana and natural peanut butter a savior. My husband took the last apple and I was going to make the squash soup. SUPER disappointed because I didn't have time to run out and get more. I actually had banana and PB for breakfast and lunch today... probably not the best but when you don't have time to make stuff it's better than nothing. Natural PB is okay right?? I sure hope it is it's the only thing getting me past the low blood sugar and headaches.

  • These are great snack ideas - I write about snacks every day over on Snack Girl if you are looking for more options.

  • YES!! I made the Chick Peas with spices and it is great for when I want something crunchy. I did the same with almonds and it turned out great.

  • Hi All! Question - has anyone been experiencing LOWER BACK PAIN? I work out regularly and a few days into this plan I am having my first lower back pain experience...it's also in the back of my legs - weird. Anyone else? While I am here, I LOVE the recipes! I will also admit that I am cheating with some carbs and protein this morning to see if it is somehow going to make my back feel better. Back to the plan at lunch.

  • @katherine I had horrible pain down the backs of my legs, especially my calves, for about 2-3 days. Even the bath didn't help, as others suggested. It was so so bad I couldn't sleep so I finally had to take some ibuprofen. Fortunately, it seems to be gone now (day 6).

  • [...] Source: wholelivingdaily.wholeliving.com via DConHeels on Pinterest Everybody have those mornings where you plan to get up early, work out, do your hair & make up and have time to pack your lunch… yeah, keep dreaming. For me, the too-often-pushed snooze button and the frantic “WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?” calls while I am in my dreaming stage happen on a regular basis. I don’t have time to make myself a decent lunch or even cut up some fruit to take for breakfast. So, how to stay healthy without starving?   According to greatist.com, there are at least 31 grab-and-go products that will keep you healthier & hopefully somewhat on time:     [...]

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