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Embrace the New Year with Our Action Plan

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Prepare yourself for the year ahead by joining our 2012 Whole Living Action Plan, which will help detox your mind and body. The plan, which starts tomorrow, contains more than 50 healthful, tasty recipes to fuel you through the next 21 or 28 days while ridding your body of impurities. There are also exercises, meditation, and lifestyle tips for a healthier you all year long.

Want details? Learn More about the Action Plan.

Get the Week 1 Recipes

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Tomorrow's Challenge: Stretch Away Toxins

Yesterday's Challenge: Create a Vision for 2012

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Comments (14)

  • I can't find any family or friends to do this with??

  • Really excited to give myself this gift. I had success in 2011 with treating my body better, the results, growth in my event planning business, saved more money and lost weight. I'm going to take it to the next level by taking the challenge and meditating more often! Happy 2012!

  • I couldn't convince anyone to do it with me, either! That's why the online community really helps! It pulled me through when I did it last year.

  • I am so ready to get this started! It's going to be great.

  • Hmmm... I can't access the WL Action Plan Community page though. I found a couple other dead links like this the other day too, to do with the action plan. Is this because it hasn't officially started yet?

  • I'm in, too. I have my groceries together and am ready to go. I need an online group because I'm doing this solo as well!

  • The hardest part for me is that the whole foods are so expensive! If I buy them in bulk, they'll end up going bad and individually they really add up- a mango costs more than two boxes of pasta! Any tips?

  • I am ready to start!! This is my first time and am doing this solo so I am looking forward to the online community!

  • Anyone in the Chicago area? Are there message boards for this? I find this website a little cumbersome in regards to the challenge.

  • I'm starting this today as well. Got all the groceries and even bought a juicer with a gift card from Christmas! No excuses for me. My advice (not sure the creator of this detox would agree) is if you're struggling to afford some of the fruits and veggies is to get them from the frozen food section. I found mangos there and squash and mixed berries. The food is already cut up and is likely fresher than the stuff on the shelves. The bulk bin at the health food store is good too, just make sure you know how much of each thing to get and just buy for the week. It also helps keep the cost down. I also know how expensive the juicers are and I got mine for about $30 at Walmart, it's one from Black&Decker. Hope my two cents helped somebody! Good luck to all!

  • I'm doing the challenge along with my husband. I did it last year and loved how I felt rolling into Feb. Expense is always an issue. Coming from a small town I ended up heading to the nearest big city 45min away to go shopping at Trader's. They tend to be more reasonible on some items. Frozen like someone said is also a very good idea. I was able to get frozen leeks for $1.50/bag there vs. buying fresh at $1.79/lb with the chance what I bought would go bad before I used it. This way I take what I need and stick the rest back in the freezer.

  • Can we have more than one of the snacks a day. Or are we allowed to have one snack and maybe one of those detox smoothies?

    I am just curious as to what the "rules" are.

  • To Michele:
    I noticed that the recipes may call for ingredients that are out of season, like mangos and avocados. For the fresh mango, I just substituted frozen-better to by frozen when it's picked at the height of its ripeness (because that is when it is cheapest) than when out of season. For the avocado lunch, I just skipped that recipe.

    Otherwise, i find that buying from the farmers market is always the cheapest, and you can haggle. They also tend to drop their prices throughout the day, so if you go later, the best produce may be gone but you can save as much as 50%

  • On day six and already loving how my body feels. I have more energy and never feel bloated or just 'blah' from what I'm eating. My mid-section is already slimming down and my clothes fit more comfortably.
    Best part, I'm not crazy hungry. I follow the portions, drink tons of water and have 2 snacks a day. I'm not exercising as I'm still recovering from bronchitis.

    Only thing.. Has anyone else noticed their complexion looking duller than usual? Mine looks not so great.

    Otherwise, i'm surprised about how flavorful and delicious the recipes are. And i think good, fruity olive oil is key. Here are my fav recipes so far:
    Beet soup
    Kale chips
    Mango-carrot smoothie w/mint
    Minty pea dip

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