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Give Up One Processed Food

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Take a break from refined sugars, refined flours, milled grains, hydrogenated oils, sweeteners, food colors, and flavorings. “Artificial ingredients and additives make the body work harder,” Cynthia Sass, R.D. says. “Let your body rest a bit by enjoying foods in their purest form.”

Try these natural foods, which are as naked as they are delicious.
For help on today’s challenge, stock up on these pantry staples and spices.

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  • I started three weeks ago. The best thing I did this year. I breath better, I think better, and I feel great.I suggest to break free all at once not gradually. Enjoy.

  • I gave up processed sugar last February--well, to be honest, I do have a hankering for ice cream from time to time and who says no to birthday cake?-- but for the most part, I'm sugar free! I use honey, agave, maple syrup and dates for sweetening. Since giving up sugar, I've lost 20lbs and I handle stress better! And I don't feel out of control when it comes to sugar, like I used to. I control my own consumption, which feels wonderful!

  • I pretty much gave up all processed foods for 22 days now including today!

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