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Go Vegan One Day Each Week

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Cut back on animal products and add more plant foods to your diet by committing to going vegan one day each week.

Veggie protein can provide all the amino acids the body needs.

Start off with high-protein vegan dishes, like Warm Edamame Salad, Southwestern Breakfast Hash, and All-Purpose Seitan.

Get More Healthy Vegan Recipes.

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  • Although I've been vegetarian for 18 yrs, Vegan is a new diet for me. I discovered I have problems w/cheese (while doing the 28 Day Challenge, no dairy allowed) & feel much better having removed dairy fr my diet. I doubt I'll ever go entirely Vegan but one day a week is fine. I've also lost weight, am down nearly 2 dress sizes in 3 wks!!

  • I can't believe the change in me by eliminating dairy from my diet! I was a milk lover and relished a cold glass to quench my thirst. However, I felt bloated and had a stuffy nose for hours after drinking milk. Getting rid of dairy and moving towards a vegan diet solved these problems. I still miss milk, but can live with it.

  • Been a vegetarian for many years now will likely add a vegan day to my life. I eat plenty of unintentional vegan meals though but usually don't plan out a vegan day.

  • Can strictly vegan diets provide more than 46 grams of protein a day? A recent study finds that such a diet resulted in 50 percent more hip fractures. I am a postmenopausal woman who works through daily lifestyle measures to counter my risk of osteoporosis. I am sticking to a handful of vegetarian and vegan meals a week and minimizing but not eliminating animal proteins (and I choose for the latter only wild sources, with an emphasis on fish).

  • Dairy does not do my body good! I have been vegetarian for 16 yrs so far and have been vegan off and on for the last 6yrs. Cheese free for the whole 6yrs. I started cutting out most dairy when it began causing me a great deal of pain and discomfort. It was difficult but worth it. Now with this cleanse I am realizing how much better I feel and look (dropped 5.6lbs so far starting 2nd week today)without gluten and overly processed foods. My husband lost almost double what I lost. We are going to be one hot couple come bathing suit season!!

  • For Lyn,
    From all that I have read up on the vegan diet...If one is eating enough calories (not in junk food) to sustain themselves then they are eating enough protein. Protein is not difficult to get and the average person mostly get way more then they should.
    Here is a site to read a bit on it.


  • Year ago when I went vegetarian I saw big changes, but when I eliminated dairy and went vegan -- WOW! Everyone thinks I am a naturally thin person which is not true and my lab results are as the Doctor says every year are GREAT! Vegan substitues are good and getting better every day. I do hope the vegan lifestyle will work for you.

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