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Hi, 2012 Action Plan Cleansers!

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Hi, cleansers! Sorry for the tardy post. After something personal came up yesterday, it turned out that I couldn't actually start the action plan in full force as anticipated, so today is my first official day of clean eating.

Jumping into a detox is always a little more tough than I think it's going to be. (I know some of you can probably agree!) Today is the first day back to work from holiday vacation, and as I was groggily picking out an outfit to wear this morning, I thought, "Aha! I forgot to make coffee!" --- and then practically started tearing up when I remembered that I won't be able to enjoy my morning cup of joe for the next few weeks. As an alternative, I boiled some water and made a cup of hot water flavored with a squeeze of lemon. While I am not going to act like this completely replaced my coffee fix, it's a soothing alternative and a smart stimulant for your liver. I'm going to try to drink a cup every morning.

As for the recipes, I am going to make some from the plan and improvise some, always strictly following the rules for each week. After doing our raw food challenge over the summer (and feeling great!), I am going to try to eat as raw as possible this first week to really invigorate my body.

I was hungrier than usual this morning, so I went for an avocado-apple-celery green smoothie: half an avo, half a Granny Smith apple, 1 celery stalk. Really delish! Last night I picked up some Swiss chard (for those of you who want a change-up to kale, this is my new favorite leafy green) and marinated it over night in some olive oil and lemon juice for my lunch salad today.

For dinner, my roommates (and fellow cleansers) and I are making the Spiced Butternut Squash and Apple Soup, which so many of you have already made and loved, so I am excited to try it tonight.

I've been trying to drink a lot of water today to offset detox symptoms, but I still have a slight headache, probably from no caffeine. I can hardly wait to start feeling the benefits of the cleanse. Some eager readers who decided to start last week have already been writing me that they've lost five, six, seven pounds and feel full of energy! It's inspiring to hear from you, so keep the emails coming.

There also seems to be confusion about snacking: how often and how much. Keep checking our Facebook page. I will be addressing that soon. We have about a dozen Whole Living staffers jumping on board together tomorrow, so we will be documenting our morning juicing in the office for you all.

Good luck, everyone!

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  • Have you tried rainbow chard? It's fantastic and another good sub for kale.

  • My husband and I are on the challenge and agree that the Butternut squash soup was fabulous. Tonight's beet soup was good, but required a bit more spicing for our pallets. Can you point us to good sources for other recipes? Thanks!

  • My husband and I are also doing the cleanse. The sweet potato/apple salad is great. I too would like some more dinner ideas.

  • I wondered about what you said about marinating the swiss chard overnight. I use swiss chard, collards and kale most every day for my morning smoothies, but I've wondered about actually using it for a salad. About how much olive oil and lemon juice do you use and how much greens? Thanks so much!

  • Day 3 mmm Mango, Carrot and Apple is so yummy that it is sort of helping this dreadful headache! My legs ache for over 24 hours, I wonder if I left them up the wall to long- Hugz!

  • My legs ache, too! (And I didn't put them up the wall.) Can anyone provide some insight into this? I also have the headache (though it's not due to caffeine withdrawal since I wasn't drinking coffee before the cleanse). On a positive note, the recipes are all fantastic! Just finished the avocado tomato salad. Yum! Yum! Yum!

  • Really Molly? I don't remember my legs aching when I used to cleanse but... that was 8 years ago! I had two surgeries this year and I just turned 45. I have not been exercising at all due to the last one (2 fusions in my neck in Nov) although I not fat, I am not fit either.
    My Steve is not big on all the ginger and he says "tooo green" and won't drink. He is suffering with stomach cramps along with body aches too.

    Are all these ingredients playing a roll? Are they all important?

  • Feeling weak today. No headache though! I understand this is "normal" to feel fatigued. I feel this way mostly in the mornings. I had the avocado salad (minus the red pepper) and kale chips yesterday for lunch and that held me over well until dinner. Dinner was the broccoli/squash with tahini. I'm sleeping soooo much. Luckily I am on vacation until next Monday when we can begin eating oats!

  • I'm on Day 3- feeling good today- last night my legs were very achy and I went to bed 2 hours earlier than usual! I also had a very dull headache, but when I would eat, it would go away. It's funny b/c I eat pretty healthy usually but maybe its the calorie restriction that doing this? Molly- I second your question of anyone having any insight into these aches/pains/tiredness we're feeling?! I've been enjoying reading everyone's comments :)

  • Any suggessetions on what to eat when dining out??

  • put some lettuce in your bag Heather - lol.

    Sleeping awesome but for much longer than I usually do and groggy - used to be a morning person and I hope to get that back by the weekend.

    Wish I was off work this week!

    What's for dinner?

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