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Try Cooking in Parchment

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The 2012 Whole Living Action Plan includes recipes that use the French cooking method "en papillote" or in parchment. But just because it's French doesn't mean it's fussy. This simple cooking method is one of the healthiest ways to prepare fish and vegetables and requires just a piece of parchment paper.

Try cooking en papillote with our Baked Trout with Broccoli, Apple, and Fennel Slaw and Shiitakes and Brown Rice.

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  • Day 13 here and doing well, although I had a glass of red wine last night. I loved the trout in parchment. It was fantastic and the slaw sounded weird, but was yummy. I am definitely looking forward to more dishes en papillote.

  • I'm just starting Week 1 today and I was wondering if a baked sweet potato (or even regular potato) is allowed? I live where its very cold and I know I'll be craving something warmer than the salads listed in Week 1 recipes. Thanks

  • I won't be cooking in parchment because I don't think it is worth the expense vs. wax paper. The cleanse is still going well. Although I am beginning to tire from the prep. I am trying to maintain an excitement level. However, I had an awesome moment...still don't know if I believe it though. The belt I wore yesterday was notched in the first hole and I still had room. It don't think that has been the case in a long time. Looking at the wear in my belt, it seems that I have been at the last (rather than the first) 2 holes more often than not.

  • Congrads Roshelle!
    Kelsey I don't think we got to eat sweet potatoes that first week :P - Day 21'!


  • Just found out that wax paper is flammable in the oven...purchased some parchment paper today :|

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