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Revisit the Cleanse

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"Eating clean, even for a few days, is like giving your body a head-to-toe tune-up," says Cynthia Sass, R.D. Today and tomorrow, nourish your body with your favorite dishes from Week 1 of the eating plan and avoid alcohol and caffeine.

You'll reboot your health and your energy levels.

Get the Secrets to a Successful Cleanse.

Tell us if you're up for the challenge after the jump.

Tomorrow's Challenge: Add Heart-Healthy Pistachios to Your Diet
Yesterday's challenge: Go Ahead: Grease Up

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  • I plan on doing it for 2 days during the week NOT on the weekend. :-)

  • I am going to revisit the plan for this coming week or two, but not tonight I'm going out!

  • I'm starting this tomorrow - 2/27. Who else is in? I've been working with a trainer for 3 months and see great results but my eating is what's holding me back. I figure this cleanse will reboot my system and my mind so I can start making healthier eating choices. One question - do I still take my vitamins and supplements on the cleanse - vitamin, Vit E, calcium, etc?

  • I had already planned to do this, probably quarterly. I felt so much better after the 28 Day Challenge I can't see any reason to participate only once a year. My skin is clearer, my gums tighter, am still losing weight. I also have a lot more energy. I think the 2012 Challenge is the best yet!

  • Started today. Wow I forgot how hard this is....:-)

  • I really loved the cleanse and did it for 6 weeks with good decrease in cholesterol and feeling really good. I'm still incorporating a lot of the recipes. I'd love a weekly or monthly update of 1-4 cleanse worthy recipes as follow up throughout the year. Even though I know what I should look for, it would take the searching out of it and I'd know it followed the plan. Just a thought for next year.

  • Sylvie - a great resource during your cleanse is the The Clean Program website. All of the recipes on this site are detox worthy. http://cleanprogram.com/files/clean-program-recipes.pdf

  • thanks anita!! the clean program link you list above is chock full of wonderful recipes! thanks a lot for the resource!

  • My husband and I are staring the 28 day cleanse again this year. We start today!

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