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Take a Bad Hair Day for Your Health

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Have you ever skipped a workout because you'd already done your hair? Many women cite their beauty routine -- and concerns like getting sweaty or undoing their hair styling -- as reasons for not exercising, according to a 2008 study of African-American women from Wake Forest University. U.S. Surgeon General Regina M. Benjamin says that she sees this problem in her patients of all races and backgrounds -- and that health should come first over hair.

If styling your hair after a workout is too much trouble, let it air dry and embrace its natural texture, or hide it under a cute winter hat after you hit the gym.

For more ways to manage your tresses this season, check out our winter guide to natural beauty.

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  • I have never used my hair as an excuse not to exercise. I have used other excuses but not my hair.

  • Loved this! I have always let my long hair go a few days at a time to let the natural oils naturally condition it. Now thanks to moroccan argan oil - but only the pure certified organic kind like sevani brand because it's not filled with silicones and fragrance like most - I can add some oil back in if I have to wash more frequently for special occasions. Natural oils are better then the others Like Fay i have used other excuses not to exercise but not my hair. :)

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