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Green Finds for Dog Owners

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After my fiancé and I decided we were going to adopt a retired racing greyhound, I went a little crazy scouring the market for eco-friendly and organic dog supplies. (I can't help it. It's my job.) Here are some of our—and his—favorite finds so far. Anyone else out there have suggestions for items to check out?

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1 Felix (racing name "Strike Techno") lounging on his recycled PET dog mat.

2 This limited-ingredient dog food turned out to be the best for his sensitive stomach. Our vet also told us that venison is the most gentle protein.

3 We turned an old flea-market crate into an elevated dog feeder by cutting out two holes for bowls.

4 Doggie probiotics help build up his good bacteria. We especially needed this after he completed a round of antibiotics for a parasite he picked up off the city streets.

5 His favorite treats. Wheat- and grain-free and the perfect size for training.

6 Perhaps our most excessive purchase: aromatherapeutic, lavender-and-oatmeal pet shampoo.

1. Eco Nap, from $29, West Paw Design
2. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet
3. Crate purchased at Brooklyn Flea
4. Gentle Digest, $18 for 3 bottles, Amazon.com
5. Wellness Pure Rewards
6. Spa Lavish Pet comfort bath shampoo

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  • I'm a cat owner myself but I'm always amused by how he plays with the silliest things - a pencil, string or nail file. Sometimes, though, I'd love to purchase a handmade toy (like for his upcoming 10th birthday). Do you know of any good brands that sell handmade or eco-friendly pet toys?

  • Author Comment:

    West Paw Design makes cute cat toys, too. (I'm particularly fond of Lucky the duck.) Some include organically grown catnip--if he's into that.


  • Congratulations on becoming the steward of a Greyt. Having had five of them over the last eleven years, I can tell you they're the best! You made a great choice on the food - mine have thrived on that for years. Happy adoption!

  • GreenDog Naturals certified organic supplements for dogs, made by Rainbow Light (the natural human vitamin people) ns packaged in recycled bottles. They make digestive products (Whole Dog Daily), Hip & Joint (Healthy Motion), Calming (Complete Calm), Immune Support (ImmunoBuild) and Skin, Heart & Coat (Active Omega).

  • @Just B: Thank you! I'm a huge fan of greyhounds now. They are the sweetest dogs and so well-suited for apartment living.

    @Sandy K: I'll have to check out that line of supplements. Love the recycled bottle bonus.

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