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Smart New Eco-Friendly Toys

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My kids are getting older, and the types of toys they're using are getting to be smaller, and sadly, mostly electronic. The good news is that it has cut down on the clutter. The bad news is they are missing out on some really cool new eco-toys.

Plan Toys, a toy company with a green mission to practice the three R's of green living (reduce, reuse, and recycle) has introduced an ingenious new material. They are combining surplus rubber wood sawdust, organic pigments, and less than 1% of non-formaldehyde, e-zero glue to create a fiber called PlanWood. It's is water-resistant, durable, sustainable, and reduces material waste. Gets an A + in my eco-handbook.

Not to mention that the toys are really cute. Here are some of my favorites:

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1 Breakfast Menu

2 Sort and Count

3 Roadway Set

4 Cactus

5 Dancing Alligator

Francesca Olivieri is co-founder of sage baby, an online eco-friendly baby store offering everything from organic clothes and skin care to furniture. She also runs a green consulting business; blogs for The Family Groove and Scenic Hudson; and contributes to Daily Candy Kids, YogaCity, Citiscoop, and NRDC’s Simple Steps. Please visit her website at FrancescaOlivieri.com.

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