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We Love Juicing, Yes We Do!

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Whole Living's Deputy Photo Editor, Erika Preuss, professes her love of juicing.

I first started juicing during this year’s Action Plan when a dozen or so Whole Living staffers pledged to detox for three weeks. To make breakfast prep easier, the staff decided to blend fresh juice and smoothies here in the office---a twofer for sharing ingredients and equipment and the burden of cleanup!

Being new to the whole liquid breakfast idea, I never imagined a juice would fill me up (hello, where's the protein?), especially given that I’ve been a cereal-and-milk morning eater pretty much my whole life. Don't get me wrong: I was hungry a lot on the Action Plan, but as long as I drank a big enough portion, a juice or smoothie was totally filling and even boosted my energy.

By the end of the three-week cleanse, I had dropped a few pounds and felt truly healthy during the one time of the year when I typically lament all those buttery cookies eaten over the holidays. I had also become completely obsessed with my morning juice. I talked (and talked) all around the office about how I was going to buy my first juicer in order to keep this going, so our food editor Lindsay offered for me to take home the Hurom Slow Juicer to test; the brand had sent us one to test drive while we detoxed. Score! (I know, I didn't realize a girl could get this excited about juice either.)

It's been three weeks and I am totally hooked. I knew I liked juicing, but the slow-juicing model works really well for me. I read reviews online that emphasized cutting the fruits and vegetables into small pieces, so I knew there would be some prep time involved, but it’s not as much as I dreaded and it actually gives me time to think about what I want to make. Two big bonuses: the Hurom isn't too bulky, fitting easily onto my kitchen cart, and it doesn’t make a ton of noise; my boyfriend can sleep through it! For more manageable cleanup, I make juice about two or three times a week and put the extra into the fridge for the next day or two.

The drawback is that this juicer is pricey: $359 on Amazon.com. So you obviously want to be really committed to juicing; it's an investment. And, when you juice regularly, you have to consider the cost of all of that produce. It’s not exactly breaking my budget, but I certainly spend more than I would on a box of cereal and a carton of milk. But I think it’s worth it; I feel great. And I'm getting quite inventive with my combinations: kale, apple, ginger. Pineapple, blueberry, apple. Carrot, celery, ginger. (You can see I'm really into the apple-ginger pairing.)

I hear it takes three weeks to build a habit. Well, I’m going on six, so I hope this sticks.

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  • This is great! We are in the process of starting a company that juices and ships it right to you so you don't have to fuss. I believe wholeheartedly in the health benefits of juicing.

    The longer you stick with it the better you will feel. Keep up the good work!

  • LOVE THIS! My boyfriend got me an Omega 8005 juicer for Christmas and we use it every single morning. A fresh juice, followed by a kale, spinach, frozen banana smoothie is my daily morning breakfast ritual.

  • What a great article and so inspiring to beginner juicers like me. I bought the Hurom after Dr. Oz and Oprah recommended it, and am totally hooked too. I love it- quiet and easy. I haven't done a true juice diet yet, but I'm experimenting with different kinds of combos and it's fun. Please post some recipes!

  • It's my new favorite kitchen accessory! I make a daily morning juice and take it with me to work. I really love the Fuji apple/carrot/ginger and pomegranate seeds blend. For a greener juice, I like kale/apple/carrot/beet/ginger mix. I've also noticed how much more juice I'm getting. You can't beat that.

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