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The Whole Picture: Send Us Your Photos!

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"I grew up in Ireland, where my family always had chickens.  Years later, my husband and I and our three kids were visiting my parents there, and one afternoon we found our son Jack (he’s 5 in this picture) lying on a bed refusing to move.  We worried that he was sick, but it turned out he was warming a cluster of eggs.  He thought he could hatch them! He was so attached to those chickens. Of course, we had to get some chicks of our own the next summer.  We currently have 27, but we’ve had as many as 52.  We trade some with a neighbor for some of her meat chickens, and we give eggs to a baker friend who rewards us with wonderful treats.  It’s become a communal thing, this chicken-raising, just as it was in the village where I grew up."

Here’s a look at Michele O’Hana's words and John Dolan’s photograph running in our May issue in a column called “The Whole Picture”.  This column runs as the last page of our magazine. (Check out our iPad issue to hear Michele tell us more about her son Henry and his love of chickens!)

We are interested in your story for “The Whole Picture”.  Please send us your own meaningful photo, with an explanation in 200 words or less of the story behind this moment.  Right now, we are working on our next Whole Picture for the July/August issue, with a theme of travel and adventure.  Send us your most beautiful photographs that show a moment where you were traveling or having an adventure and you felt connected to yourself, to loved ones, or to the world at large.  Feel free to pass this along to your friends and family!

Images and words can be emailed to:


image file should be low resolution JPEG, 72 ppi, 1200 pixels on the longest side

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