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Happenings: Gaga's Stylist Goes Green, Solar Powered Bottle Bulbs, and Parachuting Rodents

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On the heels of yesterday’s first Healthy Headlines, we’re excited to announce another addition to the lineup. Every Friday, Happenings will bring you the news stories—good, bad, or just plain weird and fascinating—that caught our attention during the week.

  • An Unlikely Pair: Nicola Formichetti, the man who dresses Lady Gaga, is launching a clothing line that incorporates smart fabrics and solar panels. (Will Gaga’s meat dress now charge her cell phone?) (Ecouterre)
  • Scarier Steak: The recent case of mad cow disease in California arose from an “atypical” strain, one that may present new dangers. (Huffington Post)
  • Going Dutch: Across the Netherlands, pop-up Repair Cafes staffed by skilled volunteers fix items that might otherwise wind up in landfills—free. (Grist)
  • Everybody Eats: The USDA is spending $4 million to expand farmers’-market access to Americans using food stamps. (Washington Post)
  • A Liter of Light: Technology designed by MIT students turns plastic bottles into solar light bulbs, providing lighting to low-income families in the Philippines. (Eco Snobbery Sucks)
  • Paper or Tote Bag?: Hawaii has banned the use of plastic shopping bags, which take hundreds of years to biodegrade. (MNN
  • Greener Skyline: As part of a larger energy retrofit, the Empire State Building is swapping LED fixtures into its famous light display. (The New York Times)
  • Attack Mice: In an effort to combat an invasive, wildlife-killing species of snake in Guam, locals have resorted to air-dropping mice—that have been laced with poison—from helicopters. (BBC)

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