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Happenings: School Lunch Blog Prompts Healthy Change, Gay Penguins Adopt Egg, and Anti-Biking Principle Apologizes

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Whole Living Daily has been all a-chatter this week about seasonal rhubarb uses, eco-friendly invites, and beauty expert banter. We're wrapping it up with a Happenings roundup so you know what's going on in the eco-sphere.

CAFETERIA LADY—OR LASS: A 9-year-old in Scotland who ranks the healthfulness of her school lunches (and cites the number of hairs she finds on her tray—egads!) shames the school into providing better meal options. (Mother Nature Network)

HAIL TO THE (GREENER) CHIEF: Scientific American readers came up with science-related questions for the presidential candidates—things along the lines of, “What should the U.S. role be in controlling climate change and what would you do to advance it?” (Scientific American)

ORGANIC SHEETS ARE NICE AND ALL, BUT...: A new book on low-carbon living reminds one writer to focus on the biggie stuff—transportation habits, energy use, diet—and worry a little less about those new bamboo utensils. (Good)

MY TWO DADS: At the Madrid zoo, a same-sex couple of male Humboldt penguins—a threatened species—have adopted an egg together. It’s expected to hatch next week. (Treehugger)

GREAT iDEA By 2013, Apple’s main data center in North Carolina will run entirely on renewable energy powered by two solar farms spanning 250 acres. (Yale Environment 360)

BACKPEDALING The principal who suspended 64 high school students in Kenowa Hills, Michigan, for riding bikes to school en masse—an alternative to the traditional senior-year prank—has apologized. (ABC News)

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