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Healthier Hot Dogs

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Fire up the grill! It's finally barbeque season (oh, how we've missed you, food on buns and sticks), and we're all about leaner and greener grilling. Hot dogs, we're looking at you. Ditch the mystery meat and try these four less-processed, nitrate-free franks. For more grilling tips and recipes, check out the June issue of Whole Living.

Best Beef Hot Dogs: Plump and snappy, each of these classics has a modest 6 grams of fat. Applegate Farms The Super Natural Uncured Beef Hot Dog, $5

Best Vegetarian Hot Dogs: Full of garlic and onion, this seitan pick wowed even our resident carnivores. Field Roast Vegetarian Frankfurters, $5.50.

Best Pork Hot Dogs: A hint of honey lends these juicy pork-and-beef faves a subtle sweetness. Coleman Natural All Natural Uncured Franks, $6.

Best Chicken Hot Dogs: These lean links are made from pasture-raised birds and have a smoky flavor. Organic Prairie Uncured Chicken Hot Dogs, $8

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  • Aidells now has hot dogs that are delicious. They are all chicken, with no nitrates or preservatives. They have less sodium and cholesteral and more protein than the chicken hot dogs here. They come in Awesome Apple and Pineapple Paradise.

  • Too bad most grocery stores don't carry these products. Sometimes I hate suburban America. Sigh....

  • Last summer, we found delicious hot dogs, Premium Wieners" by Oscar Meyer. No Nitrites or Nitrates made with chicken turkey & pork. Can't find them this year. They no longer make them. "Not enough interest" Don't understand.

  • [...] for a reasonably nutritious and delicious corn dog is finally here! Whole Living Magazine has some┬ánice pictures of the naked dogs. Applegate Farms not only makes the “Natural” and uncured hot dog, but an organic [...]

  • The Oscar Meyer hot dogs previously mentioned by "Toni", have TRANS FAT! I was buying those because my grandmother died of pancreatic cancer & it has been linked to nitrates/nitrites. All the other hot dogs mentioned in this article do NOT have trans fat per serving. I personally now buy the Coleman & Applegate brands and they're really good. My hubby can't tell any difference! Btw, Coleman has fantastic chicken strips, hamburger patties & bacon, too. Also, everything made by Applegate Farms is really good...sandwich meats, cheeses, bacon.

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