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Rice: The Multipurpose Grain

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The other day I dropped my almost-new phone in a puddle. A friend asked if I put it in a bowl of rice to help leach out the corrosive water. No, of course I hadn't! The question (and brilliant idea) did start me thinking about the power of rice and just how essential this grain is in Chinese Medicine. The Chinese character for chi comprises two symbols--one represents steam and the other a kernel of rice--underscoring the importance of this grain as it relates to our health, and our life. Rice, from a Chinese dietary perspective, strengthens the spleen, the organ that is key to digestive function and easily taxed by poor food choices such as excessive sugar, dairy, fried foods, alcohol, and the like.

Overconsumption of items result in the accumulation of damp, which then clogs our system and hampers the free flow of chi, resulting in everything from discomfort to disease. In the end, my phone required a quick trip to the Genius Bar--if only there were such a thing for us humans. It's not completely out of the question given the way the world is developing. In the meantime, we have a centuries-old pantry staple to hold us together.

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