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Charge Through the Outstanding To-Do List: Yoga Off the Mat

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As defined by the law of conservation of energy, energy is neither created nor destroyed; it is only transformed, replaced, or rechanneled.

In yoga, we seek to better understand what energetically hinders us from more deeply understanding ourselves and the world around us by exercising positive self-confrontation. Through subsequent action and belief, we are able to exchange less beneficial attributes, perspectives, and habits with more advantageous ones.

Through self-study and discipline, we replace absence of understanding and, at times, misunderstanding, with understanding.

Nothing emerges from nowhere.

This week, I invite you to join me in tackling something that can be an energetic encumbrance in order to make new space.

What is it?

The dredges of your to-do list.

This might include confronting the bowels of your e-mail inbox, deep cleaning unseen kitchen corners, ironing or other tailoring needs long put off, or paying some outstanding bills. Perhaps you’ve been meaning to call an old friend or relative for months, but haven’t gotten to it. Maybe there’s an overdue conflict gone unresolved.

You name it…

Things like these, whether small and large, can weigh on the mind (a little or a lot).

So, what actions can you commit to this week in order to clear up some stagnant energy? Need a little extra inspiration to get started? Imagine how content and centered you’ll feel after completing some of these long put-off tasks.

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  • There are a few things lurking on my to-do list which I need to address. Thanks for the much needed reminder, Sophie!

    Tom Spencer

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