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Happenings: L.A. Bags Plastic Totes, Rural India Gets Green Cash, and a Cave in Norway Takes Heat

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On Whole Living Daily this week, you've seen breakfast pudding, our Wish List for getting fit, and a guide to bike buying. Our round up of recent Happenings spans the globe--so much green is going on in the world!

BAGGING RIGHTS On the heels of Hawaii's ban on plastic bags, Los Angeles becomes the largest U.S. city to introduce the regulation. (Los Angeles Times)

SWEET SEMANTICS High-fructose corn syrup--the sweetener in need of serious image rehab--will not be renamed "corn sugar," despite a petition from the Corn Refiners Association. (The New York Times)

BUMMER, DUDE Scientists grow pot that doesn't make the user high, in pursuit of a better varietal for medical legalization. (Mother Nature Network)

ALL PRAISE THIS GRAIN The United Nations has designated 2013 as "The International Year of Quinoa," and we intend to celebrate often. (UN)

GREENER GREEN Rural India gets a better banking system with new, solar-powered ATMs. (Fast Company)

SUSTAINABLE SOLES This new shoe line by Gucci boasts jelly flats made from biodegradable plastic and men's sneakers. (MediaBistro)

SERVERS ON ICE Engineers in Norway will be turning a vast, abandoned mine into a natural fridge for jumbo heat-leaking computers that power the Internet. (On Earth)

HEALTH ADVICE IN AISLE 3 In a recent study, in-store nutritionists offered a way to educate food shoppers--right as they pushed their carts. (The Atlantic)

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