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Happenings: New York Boos Wasted AC, IKEA Farms Periled Woods, and Wes Anderson Scouts on Google

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Happy Friday! After a week of allergy-free eats (don't act surprised) and Martha loving on Whole Living, we hope you're ready to peruse the  news before you soak up the weekend.

OPEN-DOOR POLICY: Although banned in New York City stores, the eco-unfriendly practice of blasting the AC out the doorway and onto the sidewalk still persists. (GOOD)

BOUND TO BOOKS: As recycled products and sustainable forest management gain more traction, some paper promoters are pushing back against paperless. (Reuters)

PLUS, WE STILL CAN’T ASSEMBLE THIS DRESSER! Swedish furniture powerhouse IKEA is condemned for clearing old-growth forests in Northern Russia—a charge that pulls the (Flokati) rug out from under its claims of sustainable logging. (The Guardian)

BEETLE JUPE: Creepily and appropriately enough, Charlize Theron wears a dress made of thousands of shiny beetle wings in her role as the Wicked Queen in Snow White and the Huntsman. (Ecouterre)

SO NOT THE BOMB: Research suggests that in the case of bed bugs, aerosol bug bombs—cans that fill rooms with an insecticide-laced fog—are not only toxic to humans, but also ineffective. (NPR)

CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER: As industrial development continues to threaten Australia's Great Barrier Reef, UNESCO considers listing it as a World Heritage Site “in danger.” (Scientific American)

THE LIFE TERRESTRIAL: Director Wes Anderson used images from Google Earth to scout just the right location for his new film Moonrise Kingdom. (Fast Company)

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