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Healthy Headlines: The Hippest Ancient Herb, Yoga in the Outfield, and Superstar Spices

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Berry Well: U.S. farmers are betting on elderberry, an herb known for its cold-quelling properties, will be the next cash crop for gourmands and natural health nuts. (Washington Post)

Be a Player: Admit it: Crunches and jogs are sort of boring. Enter the app/game Teemo, which turns exercise into a group choose-your-own-adventure. (Fast Company)

Math for your Body Mass: New research shows that all calories are not created equal. Researchers pitted an Atkins-like, Mediterranean-ish, and low-fat diet (of equal calorie counts) against one another and found that the Mediterranean one spurred healthy weight control. The takeaway is one we love: Get lots of fruits and veggies, and stay away from hyper-processed carbs. You'll love our whole-grain-heavy meals. (New York Times)

Om Run: This week, Chicago's Wrigley Field hosted a massive yoga class right on the field. The setting gives Yoga in Times Square a run (ha!) for the money! (Lululemon)

'Tis the Seasoning: Your spice rack is one of the best health tools in your home. Find out how to sneak more spice into your hay. (Equinox)

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