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Important Summer Maintenance! Yoga On the Mat

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Peak summer temperatures roared across the nation last week, just in time for the solstice. After a very mild week here in Brooklyn, it climbed into the high 90s. The heat came so suddenly that I underestimated its strength on the first day and spent too much time outside and teaching around the city without adequate hydration. The result was a very unpleasant headache and general exhaustion. I suppose I forgot what a powerful effect high temperatures can have.

I actually love summer and the heat. I love the ability to be barefoot outdoors (well, in the park and when I leave New York). I love picnics, swimming, and impromptu trips to the ice cream parlor. (I’m smitten with the Brooklyn-based Uncle Luigi’s Italian ices!) I love the extra detoxifying sweat generated during my yoga practice.

Added heat, however, also mandates added precaution. With this in mind, I wanted to re-share two important blogs I wrote last year that relate to invaluable summer maintenance.

The first discusses important precautions to take when practicing in hot weather. This includes notes about hydration, practicing in the sun, and ideal ventilation. Please read more here.

The latter provides instruction for two cooling pranayamas, or breathing exercises. These are seetkari and sheetali. Please learn more here.

Happy Summer!

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