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Natural Beauty Gurus: The 10 Questions I Always Ask, Lena Korres

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Name: Lena Korres
Occupation: Brand Development Director, Korres
Location: Athens, Greece

Who is your beauty inspiration? People who were ahead of their time; Coco Chanel is a great example. Her life story is inspiring and so is the story behind her legendary Chanel No 5. Fashion and beauty industry aside, I am inspired by women who always manage to look immaculate, even when at home relaxing.

What product/treatment/beauty indulgence do you spend the most on? I prefer affordable options that can be enjoyed every day. Affordable for everyday-use products yet of interesting aesthetics is one of the brand’s core principles, which remain the same since our Pharmacy days, alongside with the use of natural ingredients and the development of skin and environmentally-friendly formulations with clinically proven efficacy.

What do you spend the least on? Eating out! Although I enjoy going out to dinners with friends and ‘discovering’ new restaurants around the world as well as in Athens, a home-cooked meal is what I prefer.

What does age mean to you? Aging is a complex process, we continuously learn more about it. Skincare wise, I am an advocate of looking after the skin early on, yet avoiding product overload especially at a young age. Cleansing, hydration and sun protection are my essentials; I’ve recently switched to our Quercetin & Oak antiageing & antiwrinkle line, based on a NOBEL-awarded discovery and also the outcome of primary research on ‘Proteasome & Ageing’. It is the first natural antiageing line that blew apart the theory that only conventional age-defying creams work, proving that nature’s chemistry can be stronger than man-made.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about skin/hair/nails/beauty this year? We have come across a great finding regarding inflamageing! We are all of course aware of the link between ageing and inflammation.  Skin defense mechanisms deteriorate with ageing, leading to chronic inflammation, continuous free-radical production and eventually wrinkling and sagging. We have come across pharmacologically active naturals that can help reduce inflammation; these naturals are Magnolia Bark derived and work synergistically to control free-radical production.

What’s the one thing you do (not product-based) that you think affects your appearance more than anything else? A good night’s sleep followed by a great morning work-out. A balanced diet also works wonders for a clearer complexion and healthier-looking skin.

Why naturals? Apart from being an environmentally-friendly option, natural ingredients are more skin-compatible; their advantage lies not only on their efficacy but also on the unique, irreplaceable synergy between their components. Each herb constitutes of a number of components, some of which have well-known properties, while others seem inactive. However, there is a unique synergy in the way those components interact, which cannot be reproduced in the laboratory. In other words, a formulation developed on the isolated components of each herb, would not be as efficacious as in the herb’s ‘original form’. The laboratory is part of the equation but in the context of skin biochemistry; researching natural ways to activate specific biological paths that enable cells to prolong their healthy life-cycle. Science and technology today have made possible the use of several raw materials in a way that allows us to develop clinically effective formulations. Therefore the choice between natural and conventional cosmetics should really be dictated by whether we opt for a more natural lifestyle in general rather than the extent to which natural cosmetics work, since all clinical tests clearly show that they do.

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