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New Bug Sprays, Baby Skincare, and More!

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A few weeks ago, I attended the NPA MarketPlace Trade Show in Las Vegas to speak on a panel about the hottest new beauty products at the show. There were a lot of companies there and it was fun meeting and talking to the founders of some of these smaller brands looking to make a splash (and a difference), one shampoo or soap at a time. Below are some of the ones that caught my eye—including a few not available until the fall. You saw them here first...

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1 Destino Fuller, the founder of Coco Plum, has been living in Belize for 15 years and selling skincare. I'm going to trust that after 15 years in Belize, she's learned a thing or two about bugs and how to keep them from biting.

2 We've been a fan of Dolphin Organics for their kids products, but now they're launching a new teen line for fall called DO Naturals. Love the bright colors! (And I'm betting teens will, too.)

3 When I asked if these adorable tiny perfumes from Auric Blends were new, the founder told me they've been around for 20 years. But the carved soapstone that the solid perfume is hand-poured into makes each one feel like a tiny treasure.

4 The sister pair, Nupoor and Vinnie, behind Baby Mantra wanted to make safe, natural products based on what their mom made for them. They already have a full line, but this fall, they're extending it by launching a Mommy Body Butter and Bubble Bath.

5 A Washington State-based mom and her six (yup, six) daughters launched this company, In Love with Body Care, after years of playing around with formulas in their kitchen. The most promising product? An aluminum-free deodorant they swear really works.

Purchasing info after the jump.

Coco Plum

Look for: Soothe Thy Skin, A Miracle Mist and Insect Repellant ($7 each)

Where to purchase: Real Beauty Salon Ashland, Oregon; Papaya Living Luxe Boho Boutique, Ashland, Oregon; Sheila Hurtado Estetichen Boulder, Colorado; Belize (numerous stores throughout the country)

Dolphin Organics

Look for: Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Moisturizer, and Hair Detangler (all $12-$13) All products available for preorder now and the early birds who lock in their orders now will get 20% off.

Auric Blends

Look for: Perfume Solids ($8.50)

Baby Mantra

Look for: Shampoo & Body Wash 2 in 1 ($13)

In Love with Body Care

Look for: In Love Unscented Deodorant ($8.50)

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