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Smoothie Wednesday: Pineapple with Banana

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There is a lot of activity that takes place in my house before 7am. Usually, my husband is up early bustling about and my son tries to fit in a a few laps around the living room before the summer heat sets in. (Well, that’s just silly, he does his laps whether it’s warm or cool!) This week, a Pineapple Smoothie has been a welcome refreshment after all the hustle and bustle.

Pineapple Smoothie
Serving Size: 1 (~150 calories)

1/2 cup pineapple, cubed and frozen
8 ounces coconut water
1/2 banana
drizzle of good honey (optional)
3-4 ice cubes, to thicken

Better-for-you ingredients
Learn more about the better-for-you ingredients in this recipe:

Pineapple – In Ayurveda, India’s ancient system for holistic healing, pineapples are widely embraced for their thirst-quenching nature and to treat “summer heat”, sunstroke and indigestion.

Get More Ayurvedic Cooling Foods

Place ingredients into a good powerful blender until smooth and creamy. Thin with water or thicken with ice if desired. Enjoy!

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