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Better Breakfast: Honey Barley Peach Parfaits

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Today I give you my new favorite on-the-go, make-ahead, the most productive you've felt before 9 AM breakfast: Honey Barley Peach Parfaits -- in a jar!  Putting breakfast in a jar isn't always just about how cute it is, it makes a lot of sense when you're in a rush as most of us are early in the morning.  When I'm struggling to get out the door on time, my go-to breakfast is greek yogurt and fruit.  I can eat it fast and it holds me over until lunchtime.  This recipe lends itself to prepping the night before, and assembling in the morning.  The ingredients are loose, depending on how many you want to make ahead of time.

Honey Barley Peach Parfaits

Barley, cooked


Peaches, sliced and quartered

Greek Yogurt

Once barley is cooked, drizzle with a generous amount of honey until coated.  Set aside.  Slice peaches, drizzle honey on top, let barley and peaches sit refrigerated overnight.  In wide-mouthed mason jars layer barley, peaches, greek yogurt, repeat until the jars are full.  Keep refrigerated for breakfast all week.

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  • Looks easy and delicious! I will try this for sure! Great Job Jillian!

  • mmmmm - you make eating healthy look decadent!!

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