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Eat the Ultimate Brain (and Bone) Food

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My daughter Sophie was informed by her older boy cousins that she could “increase her dendritic density” if she were to try new foods. The weirder the better, or so they said.

Never one to shy away from a perceived familial challenge, Sophie helped herself to a round of raw oysters and gamely (or so it seemed) consumed the lot. I cannot imagine a better, not to mention bold, response. Oysters, in the world of Chinese dietary therapy, are considered one of the most yin of yin foods. They target the kidneys and as such have a direct relationship with our bones, brain, and marrow. If you're talking axons (physical dexterity, etc.), mollusks are the way to go. Wouldn't it be great if there were a food group that might imprint an individual's response to a pile of dirty dishes?

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