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Happenings: A Natural Hangover Cure, Denmark's New Bike Highways, and 'Weed Dating'

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Whether you're drawn to high-style urban honey, musings on motherhood, or gadgets to green your next adventure, you're right at home with Whole Living Daily. Here's what else is happening in the wild green yonder.

CANS FOR CABBAGE In Jundiai, Brazil, thousands of urbanites bring in their recyclable waste to a public garden in exchange for an armful of the green stuff—veggies, that is—in a popular program called “Delicious Recycling.” (Treehugger)

ONE MORE NOTCH ON THE STALK Asparagus extracts are proven to help break down alcohol after heavy drinking, so munch a few preventative stalks before a big night out to nip that hangover before it ruins your Saturday brunch. (Mother Nature Network)

IS THIS WHEEL LIFE? Denmark’s first “superhighway” for bikes winds through 11 miles of lush countryside, the first of Copenhagen’s 26 planned routes to encourage commuting on two wheels from local suburbs to the city. (New York Times)

BUT WHERE'S MY OTHER SOCK? Both this blanket and this vest are made from repurposed dryer lint, and they're for an art project “about throwing away potential.” But really, it just makes us wonder if all our missing socks are ending up in that filter fuzz. (Fast Company)

IT’S HOT TO BE COOL An ice cream cart that runs on solar power uses the sun’s rays to charge the refrigerator batteries. (Inhabitat)

REMOTE ACCESS Ten defunct New York City pay phone stations have been converted into free Wi-Fi hubs, and there are more to come in our favorite recent pilot program. (Information Week)

MOM AT THE TOP It’s a big week for Marissa Mayer, one of Google’s top ex-execs who just accepted a new role as Yahoo!’s CEO; Mayer announced her pregnancy just a few days after taking the job. (The Atlantic)

PLANT A KISS A farm in Idaho hosts “weed dating,” where local singles can mix and mingle while volunteering in the fields. (Inhabitat)

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