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Healthy Headlines: Juice-y Perks, Meat (in) the Press, and More Bad News for "Desk Potatoes"

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Smart Sip: The old wives’ tale is clinically backed up at last: Cranberry juice really does protect against UTIs by blocking E. coli from latching onto the bladder. (BBC)

Over-the-(Deli)-Counter: Buying meat with antibiotics may guarantee that your burger doesn’t come with a side of bacteria—but it could be damaging our food in the long-run. (Washington Post)

In the Groove: Vancouver-based yogi Clara Roberts-Oss has wise words for constructing the ultimate yoga playlist, which influences the overall vibe for practice in more than an aural way. (Lululemon)

Baby's Best Friend: Finnish researchers say that proximity to dogs during the first year of life reduces the risk of ear and respiratory tract infections. (Wall Street Journal)

Take a Stand: A new study finds that sitting for more than three hours a day can shorten life expectancy by two years. It’s time to invest in a standing desk. (Time)

—Nina Lincoff and Isabella Ruggiero

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