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Healthy Headlines: The FDA Approves At-Home HIV Test, Soda Companies Fight Back, and The Perfect Yoga Playlist

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FDA Approved: The FDA approved OraQuick this week, an at-home HIV test that detects the virus in 20 to 40 minutes. The over-the-counter kit, which is 92% accurate in detecting HIV, is scheduled to be available in October.  (Time)

Soda Ban Wars: The fizzy fight continues. And this time, Coca-Cola and other beverage companies are fighting back with a “say no to a #sodaban” Twitter campaign and an attempt to gain support from spokespersons, politicians, and consultants. (NY Mag)

Grill Talk: There's a new BBQ hazzard in town: Wire bristles. A new report shows six cases of people hospitalized over swallowing metal bristles from grill-cleaning brushes that were stuck to steaks and burgers. Get our grilling tips and be sure to keep brush bristles off the cookout menu this summer. (NY Times)

Power Playlist: Learn how to create a meaningful yoga playlist and get a sample soundtrack from an expert. New to yoga? Check out our beginner tips. (Lululemon)

Skin Smarts: Forgot to apply sunscreen? Can't stop scratching those bug bites? Learn how to fix common summer skin mistakes.  (Huffington Post)

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