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Our Summer Adventure Wishlist

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Whether you're hitting the highway this summer or simply pitching a tent in your own backyard, we've got the adventure-ready accessories you'll want.

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1 Pitch Land of Nod's inviting five-foot-tall canvas tepee in your living room for an outdoor adventure.

2 You can blend NurturMe's organic gluten-free powered baby foods with water or milk -- perfect for tiny travelers.

3 Free of the slow-to-biodegrade foam found in most coolers, the Cooler Box by Cascades is fashioned from 70 percent recycled cardboard and has stay-fresh interior lining.

4 Snow Peak's Take Bamboo Chair Long is lightweight, sturdy, and far cuter than microfiber versions.

5 Made of recycled PET, each bright, roomy REI Traverse 30 backpack diverts 19 plastic bottles from the landfill.

6 The phthalate-free, sleeping-bag-size Pakmat Airbed stows away inside its own pump so you can deflate and go.

7 Panasonic's Lumix SX7 boasts a focus time of less than one second, so you can capture even the fleeting moments.

8 Fueled by the twigs you find on the trail, the BioLite CampStove will cook your fish while charging your iPhone.

9 Orbit Baby's handsome, ultra-padded Toddler Car Seat G2 is made of certified green fabrics and foams.

10 The Climber Pouch has a resealable nozzle and holds two bottles' worth of red or white wine.

11 Cold Spring's Campers Soap and Bug Spray both use citronella and essential oils to naturally repel insects.

12 Forget folding -- these waterproof Crumpled City Maps are made of Tyvek and designed to be scrunched up and tossed in your bag. Plus, unlike your smartphone, they're large enough to afford a whole-city view at a glance.

13 Get sparks flying with Canoe's Swedish Army Firesteel starter, which trumps disposable matches by working even when wet.

14 Modern Lola's First Aid Linen Pouch holds all manner of bandages while looking way stylish.

15 Nau's shapely Dose Jacket is waterproof, breathable, and made of recycled poly.

16 Art's Original Blend Probar combines organic papaya with pumpkin seeds and oats, for a meal wherever, whenever.

17 With its provocative questions, the Side Walks journal prompts users to see their hometown in a whole new light.

18 Columbia's grippy, fast-drying Powerdrain water shoes reduce manufacturing waste by up to 30 percent.

1. Land of Nod's Tepee - $100, landofnod.com

2. NurturMe  Baby Food - $10 for box of eight, nurturme.com

3. Cooler Box by Cascades - boutique.cascades.com

4.  Snow Peak's Take Bamboo Chair Long - $216, snowpeak.com

5.  REI Traverse 30 Backpack - $90, rei.com

6.  Pakmat Airbed - $120, aerobed.com

7. Panasonic Lumix SX7 - $179, panasonic.com

8. BioLite CampStove - $129, biolitestove.com

9. Orbit Baby Toddler Car Seat G2 - $380, shoporbitbaby.com

10.  The Climber Pouch - $17, cliffamilywinery.com

11. Cold Spring's Campers Soap and Bug Spray - $10 and $8.50, coldspringapothecary.com

12. Crumpled City Maps - $20, brooklyn5and10.com

13. Canoe's Swedish Army Firesteel Starter - $20, canoeonline.net

14. Modern Lola's First Aid Linen Pouch - $30, modernlola.com

15. Nau's Dose Jacket - $275, nau.com

16. Art's Original Blend Probar - $3.25 for 3-oz bar, shop.theprobar.com

17. Side Walks Journal - $17, chroniclebooks.com

18. Columbia Powerdrain Water Shoes - $95, columbia.com

What outdoor accessories are on your wishlist? Tell us in the comments below.

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