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We Tried It: The Reinvention Chair at Chaise23

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The workout: The Reinvention Method at Chaise23

The gist: This hour-long group class combines bungees fastened to the ceiling with Pilates chairs (picture a Reformer that's been squashed from a long rectangle into a square). The chairs are decked out with a bar that can be pushed to the floor with resistance (that's what the folks are stepping on above).

With those tools–a padded workhorse and two humble resistance bands—Chair instructors can come up with all sorts of creative ways to kick your butt. We balanced, lunged, twisted, and crunched in Pilates-inspired moves, all to the soundtrack of chipper pop tunes.

How I felt: The morning after my Chair workout, my body burned in all the appropriate places: abs, triceps, butt. Some of the moves required massive coordination (something I lack), but I can understand why people get hooked on trying to perfect their form. The clever moves, all employing the equipment in markedly different ways, got creativity points from me—this is the perfect workout for a Pilates diehard who's grown tired of the same old routine.

Try it yourself: Classes are currently available in Manhattan and the Hamptons at Chaise23.

Photo courtesy of Chaise23

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