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School is starting and the days are getting shorter ... all reminders that summer's glory days are coming to an end. But there's still time to savor the season with lazy picnics, beach lounging, long bike rides, and everything else that you still haven't crossed off your Summer Bucket List. We're giving five winners six bottles each of refreshing Hint Water to help keep you cool and hydrated through these sizzling last days of summer. To enter, just answer this question in the comments section: What do you still want to cross off your Summer Bucket List?

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  • Go to the beach!!!

  • Give birth to our daughter -- she's due TOMORROW!

  • Go mini-golfing with ice cream cones after!!

  • Go to a baseball game; unfortunately its unlikely I am disabled and home bound.

  • My husband has just retired from serving his country for 28 years and we just started having a pool built - I would love for it to be finished this summer so we can relax and play in the water before "winter" arrives in Florida...

  • camping and fill the frig with Hint.

  • Explore a new beach!

  • My fiance and I are learning how to fly!! Last night, we took our first test flight in a 4-seater Cessna and by the end of the summer we will have logged enough hours to go up on our own, fly somewhere for lunch and start planning our wedding!!

  • Going camping!

  • Get RID of my tan lines! ;)

  • Swim in a lake after a long hike! Only a few more weeks of sunshine left to do that.

  • I hope to create a Summer Bucket List and do one thing on it before the summer's over! I need help!

  • I want to get all the little niggly home repairs done so we can relax and enjoy the beautiful cool Autumn weather when it arrives!

  • Visit Tangier Island

  • More swimming before cooler weather comes.

  • Before summer is over, I want an entire day to devote to my sweet dog : ) A nice walk on thick grass, stop at the treat shop, then a nap together ♥

  • Before summer is over, I want to take a long bike ride along the river and stop at a cute cafe for lunch.

  • I've gotten more physically fit but I would like to loose a few .... ok, maybe more than a few .... more pounds.

  • I haven't had a dedicated lake day all summer!

  • Before summer is over I'd like a day and a picnic in the great Smoky Mountains, by the water.

  • Go to the river with our pups, us tubing and them swimming!!

  • Preserving as many fruits and veggies as I can for use over the winter!

  • A Summer trip! Our family has not gone anywhere this Sumner and I would like a trip!

  • Before summer is over I'd really like to get my nutrition and diet back on track... less processed foods and more whole, plant based meals - please!

  • The only thing on my bucket list this summer that I haven't accomplished is to take more than just one day off from work, and relax and pamper myself. My husband and I are expecting our first baby, and this summer had been so busy chaotic I'll I want are a few days to relax and take care of me:--)

  • Hiking in the mountains.

  • Before summer is over I would like to do some stargazing on a houseboat.

  • I want to spend quality time with my new husband going camping or on a mini road trip. Sounds simple, we just haven't had any time!

  • To eat a REAL watermelon with SEEDS!

  • Be at the lake on Labor Day weekend with family!!

  • Kayaking down a lazy river..aahhhh :)

  • I still need to knock eating watermelon off my bucket list!

  • Go for a few more evening runs!

  • So many things! Beach, amusement park, biking trip, camping...sounds like a lot, but I did get to cross some other things off =)

  • A stay-cation or weekend roadtrip.

  • Stand up paddle board on Lake Michigan at sunrise!

  • A night at the Drive-in movies

  • Toes in the sand...at the beach!!!

  • get to the Bronx Zoo!!

  • Picnic in the mountains with my kids.

  • Start to *consistently* eat healthier!

  • go skydyving for sure. OMG, I can't wait to one day do it.

  • Hit the beach up and take a dip in the ocean!

  • we still have our annual beach trip to Charleston!!!

  • have a birthday party in my backyard

  • Go backpacking in the mountains and watch the sunset around a bonfire.

  • Read and enjoy a bunch of the fabulous September issues!!

  • To take more than a day off for vacation with my hubby! We need a break!

  • Go to an amusement park with some friends!

  • Vegas

  • Win a sweepstakes with a great prize!

  • I still want to spend an entire day reading a book, and let everything else go....

  • I still want to make a Black Forest cake.

  • Found a new puppy.

  • Summer bucket list... Stil need to skydive and complete an Olympic triathlon

  • winning a sweepstakes....and Hint water would be PERFECT!

  • Beach date with my 7 year old nephew. Bring on the boogie boards and sandcastles!

  • watch the sun rise while kayaking.

  • Go rafting!

  • Get my 2nd cataract removed.

  • Making camping out and making s'mores ove a campfire

  • Sip mojitos poolside!

  • Camping at the beach, with Hint water in tow!

  • I would love to spend a relaxing day fishing with my husband. And hopefully bring home some dinner!

  • Ah well school started a few days ago so summer is kind of officially over here... but I hope to keep my new exercise regimen strong through the fall... :-)

  • Spend a few days on the Appalachian Trail! Sleep under the stars and relax. Even though it's not how most people relax, hiking 10-15 miles a day and sleeping on the ground is more "grounding & clearing" than anything else I can do!

  • walking, swimming,or just moving more outside...my Husband and moved recently from 2nd floor townhouse with a total of 3 flights of stairs to make getting around for me easier...a couple of years ago i was bound in doors in darkness after 6 eye operations that left healing for 6-7 months...my eyes were VERY light sensitive during that time and during it i gained weight and lost my stamina ...W/the intense heat of Louisiana summers I'm still working to get my Independence and my life back...

  • Still have tomatoes to turn into ketchup and can and lots of cucumbers and beans for pickling. I love being able to open a jar of summer in the middle of winter!

  • Losing those last few pounds. Ice cream is not helping,

  • a weekend at the beach


  • I would love to finish my new dining room!! My den currently has three couches and a TV so I want to transform a room that gets no use to a fabulous dining room that all my friends and family can enjoy!! I love cooking and hosting so if I can get this project finished by 9/6/12 (goal) I will be very happy!!

  • I've been to an awesome concert, visited friends, had family come to visit and gone to Disneyland. My summer list is all crossed off!

  • Complete the remodel of our backyard, so we can fully enjoy it next summer!

  • Complete a half marathon with my mother.

  • Well, I have not made it to the beach all summer. I would love a picnic and splash into that salt water of the Atlantic. Hope the opportunity comes soon.

  • A day at the beach

  • [...] Enter to Win Hint Water! [...]

  • Get my grandma's porch closed in to bring her washer and dryer upstairs so that she doesn't have to walk down the steps anymore. It's so hard for her to get up and down :(

  • Take a vacation.

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