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Happenings: An Egg-Free Yolk, Better Typing Tools, and the Miracle of Music Revisited

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Did you try putting chocolate in your pasta this week? Or let your kids play in the mud? Or eat dessert for breakfast? Or cover your body with breakfast? Welcome back to Whole Living Daily, where good advice and good news come free.

ALPHABET GRITTY If your keyboard is home to more crumbs than your napkin (or if you're prone to coffee spills), invest $40 in this new washable Logitech model that's entirely waterproof. (Core 77)

HOME RUN FOR THE HOLLANDAISE Gone vegan but missing the silky goo of a perfectly punctured poached? Introducing The Vegg, a long-awaited animal-free sub for the egg yolk. (Wired)

TEACHING A NEW DOG OLD TRICKS For those who are frustrated that it's still so hjard to type on the iPad (c'mon, Apple!), this typewriter-style keyboard fits your tablet to help you string words the old fashioned way. (Fast Company)

If your lunchbox needs an upgrade (or you see your picture here), consider buying this new Jil Sander bag, made entirely out of coated brown paper, that is selling for $290. (Ecouterre)

NATURE PRESERVATIVES AirWick releases limited Edition National Park Scents that, for people who think The Great Smoky Mountains would smell like fake cinnamon if they ventured out of their homes to take a whiff. (Grist)

LOSING A LANDMARK In a few alarmingly short years, there won’t be any ice on the North Poll; Santa panics. (Yale 360)

LISTEN UP A moving word from Adam Chapman, who was born deaf and just got hearing aids last month; for the first time in his life he can hear music. (14,000 Reddit users responded to his request for What Should I Listen To? with music suggestions.) (The Atlantic)

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