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Happenings: Candy for Cows, an App That Cuts Food Waste, and Trading Books for Beer

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Is anyone else as thrilled that the ubiquitous banana-and-coconut sunscreen smell might someday be replaced with l'eau de strawberries?! (Check back next year to see what we're stocking.) Or maybe you've been too busy making hemp smoothies, gluten-free hiking bars, or perfect brown rice to get any sun time this week. Read up on Happenings while you decide how you're going to cross of the last few items on your Summer Buck List this weekend...

PACIFIC PROGRESS A study by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration finds that pollution from car exhaust is Los Angeles is down 98 percent from 1960s, due to tough regulations on automakers. (Treehugger)

NEW LIFE FOR LEFTOVERS A new app called FlashFood aims to reduce U.S. food waste by 33 million tons a year by connecting people with extra food to those who don't have enough to eat. (Inhabitat)

JUST THE ESSENTIALS One mother in Portland hasn’t purchased anything new in five years. (MSN)

STARBURST-FED BEEF?! Farmers faced with spiked corn-feed prices in the wake of drought are feeding cows candy instead. (GRIST)

ENERGY OVERACHIEVER This Romanian-designed prefab house produces 20 percent more energy than it uses. (Inhabitat)

NOW THAT’S INCENTIVE TO RECYCLE Molasses Books in Brooklyn allows customers to trade desirable used books for beer or wine at the in-store bar. (Fast Company)

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