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Healthy Headlines: Egg Yolks May Be As Dangerous As Cigarettes, More Americans Are Walking, and Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure

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Walk This Way: Good news! More Americans are walking. The popular aerobic activity increased across all races, ages and regions since 2005. Want to improve your stride? Try one of these walking workouts. (The New York Times)

The New Heart Risk: We all know smoking is bad for your health. But could egg yolks be just as big of a threat? That's what a new study published in the journal Atherosclerosis is saying after they found patients who consumed egg yolks regularly had an increased plaque buildup comparable to the effects of smoking. (CNN)

Sweet News: Another reason not to feel guilty about your favorite indulgence? A new study reveals small dosages of chocolate or cocoa high in flavanols can help lower blood pressure. Celebrate (moderately) with these healthy dark chocolate treats. (Time)

20-Minute Workout: Don't have a lot of time to exercise? Try this strength-building and calorie-burning workout developed by an Equinox instructor. Only have 15 minutes? Try this speed workout. (Equinox)

Forget the Nuts: Send the kids back to school with nut butter alternatives, such as seed and soy nut butters. Find out how to make your own allergy-free butters and how to serve them. Need more special diet lunch ideas for your little one? Check out these allergen-free snacks. (Whole Foods)

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