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Healthy Headlines: The Scoop on Salt, Drowsy Doctors, and Contentious Coffee

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The White Stuff: An endocrinologist, a neuroscientist, and a biomedical researcher walk into a bar roundtable on how much salt you really need. (Greatist)

Eat Already: Much to researchers' dismay (seriously, they sound close to tears), a 20-year study on calorie-restriction in monkeys shows that near-starvation doesn't prolong life. (The New York Times)

Open Up and Say....Yaaawn: Almost half of American doctors say they're exhausted. Yikes! Check out our guide to finding a physician you trust. (Time)

Joe, No: Could you give up your morning cup of coffee? The jury is still out (and reports of the brew's health benefits continue to roll in), but physician Mark Hyman makes a case for jettisoning the java. (Dr. Frank Lipman)

Shake It Off: Citing health concerns, Boston Market has banished saltshakers from its tables. (But don't worry—their individual-size rotisserie half-chicken still packs a heart-stopping 1,380 mg of sodium. Our homemade crunchy chicken tenders pack about half that.) (Grub Street New York)

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