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Most Teachers See Hunger in Schools, Report Finds

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There's hangry (the state of being so hungry that you're angry), and then there's being so hungry that you can't concentrate and become physically ill. Unfortunately, that's the reality for a growing number of students. In fact, three out of five teachers say they regularly see kids come to school hungry because they don't get enough (or anything) to eat at home, according to a new survey by Share Our Strength.

“Hunger In Our Schools: Share Our Strength’s Teachers Report 2012," which includes responses from more than 1,000 teachers nationwide, finds that teachers credit breakfast with increased concentration (95%), better academic performance (89%) and better behavior in the classroom (73%). Teachers also said that breakfast prevents head and stomachaches, and students are less like to be late to school or absent.

Even at schools where breakfast programs are offered, some kids miss out because they get to school too late, they're embarrassed to get free meals, or their parents just aren't aware the program exists.

"Parents have lost jobs or are not making enough money to buy enough food. Often these families are in a service gap; that is they make too much for government help and too little to afford food," one teacher says in the report.

But teachers agree that this is a solvable problem. To make a donation, download the report or just learn more, go to Strength.org.

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  • Eat properly and you will have all the energy you need to be attentive. For some this is extremely difficult but many resources are available.

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