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Bask in Autumn-Colored Foods

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I don’t know when exactly I promised the girls I would take them berry picking but apparently, I did. They must have caught me off guard and thrown the idea in--between a request for new school clothes and a reminder to register for ceramic class. In any case, I am grateful we went. The outing served as a reminder: golden raspberries are nature’s way to mark the arrival of Indian summer. This is the season that, according to Five Elements Theory and correspondences, belongs to the spleen and to the color orange. The spleen rules our digestion and transformation/transportation of chi. The market is chock-full of beets and tomatoes, squash and sweet potatoes-- all in some glorious shade of orange--bright and vibrant, dark and moody. These are the foods we need to eat right now. Cook, can, and consume them all.

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