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De-Clutter! Yoga On and Off the Mat

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Another reason I'm so excited to get rid of clutter and excess is that we're moving! This is my boyfriend and I in our newly acquired storage unit. We're staging his apartment for sale and had to store a lot of our furniture. I wonder if we'll take it all with us after all! Living with less feels great!!

Got clutter?

I invite you to do something about it this week!

Now is a better time than ever to clear the excess out and get organized for the rest of the year. While the official end of summer is still a couple of weeks away, Labor Day certainly signifies a shift into fall and all things related, such as back to school and a return from the beach.

I was left incredibly inspired to confront my clutter after my radio show, Life Coaching with Sophie on Tuesday. My first guest was Gail Blanke, celebrated coach and founder, president, and CEO of LifeDesigns. Gail is also the author of many motivational books, including the recent "Throw Out Fifty Things." (Note: by “throw out” she also means donate or give away.) We discussed how letting go of physical objects can open so much energetic space and inspire courage to move forward in all areas of life. Definitely check out her site!

My second guest, “The Spacialist” Erica Ecker, also inspired me to come home and get organized. We talked all about getting the whole kitchen organized so it’s as functional and beautiful as possible. I admit, I still have to tackle my spice cabinet, freezer, and fridge door, but I feel like I’m off to a good start.

What can you do this week to get rid of excess? How will it feel once you let go of some of the stuff you really don’t use or want? Or, those objects that hold stories you’d rather find resolve with … an ex-girlfriend’s scarf, for example, or an old note from a friend you had a falling out with. Maybe you discovered a book you’ve borrowed for so long it’s embarrassing. (Return it!) Gail Blanke used a great term for these memory-loaded items--they’re the things that provoke “burps from the past.” What’s required for you to let go of these items?

Need a little more motivation to get going?

Ask yourself what else is possible once space is freed up? How great will you feel?

Good luck!

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