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Follow the Frog to Planet-Friendly Products

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It's Follow the Frog Week! And it's not the slimy endeavor you might imagine. Follow the Frog Week is all about selecting products that have been certified by the Rainforest Alliance, which includes everything from coffee to bananas to skateboards (yes, skateboards).

Last night we got to check out some of the products -- from both small startups and large companies -- that have earned the Rainforest Alliance seal, like chocolate bars from Bixby & Co. and Dagoba, La Colombe coffee, and Lipton tea. Plus, we got to hear from a fourth-generation coffee grower in El Salvador and an agricultural expert in Ghana, who shared with us how Rainforest Alliance certification has positively impacted both business and environmental efforts in their countries, proving that the two aren't mutually exclusive. As Rainforest Alliance Tensie Whelan said, shopping isn't everything, but choosing products from environmentally responsible companies is important. A way of voting with your wallet, if you will. To find participating companies, checkĀ  out the Shop the Frog site. In any case, quitting your job and running off to the rainforest isn't necessarily the best idea. Just watch the video below and see how it turned out for this guy:

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