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Happenings: Electoral Coffee Cups, Remembering 9-11 (from Space), and Standing Up to Cancer

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When you aren't massaging a heap of kale into submission (a dinosaur, indeed!), swinging by Sephora to get your skin tone digitally calculated, or outdoors with a picnic this weekend, hit up our Happenings list to pass the minutes.

A CLEANER SWEEP This week, the Environmental Working Group (the same people who rated pesticide residue on fruits and vegetables to come up with “The Dirty Dozen” list) issued a guide to greener cleaning products. (Forbes)

PINNING WATER AND RICE The Pinterest page created by UNICEF of Ami Musa, a young girl from Sierra Leone, puts all the usual pins about must-have new shoes in perspective. (Fast Company)

RED STATES, BREW STATES? In a partnership that couldn't be more American, 7-11 and The Onion have teamed up to offer “Romney” and “Obama” to-go cups—and they're tallying the votes online). (Fast Company)

INSIGHT FROM OUTER SPACE A reflection on September 11th, by the only American who wasn’t on Earth that day. (The Atlantic)

NICE KNOWING YOU, CANCER The Stand Up to Cancer telethon last weekend brought in a whopping $81 million in pledges. And additional donations will be made each time our 50 Ways to Stand Up To Cancer booklet is clicked. (Mother Nature Network)

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