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Healthy Headlines: Arsenic in Rice, Hope for MS Patients, and 13 Reasons to Drink Tea

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Beware of Rice?: Consumer Reports warns there are worrisome levels of arsenic found in rice. Luckily, they're not saying to get rid of it all together -- just to consume in moderation -- one serving a day, especially for babies. Balance your diet with these other grains.  (ABC News)

The Benefits of Tea: Thirteen reasons to start sipping the beneficial beverage, from hydration to lowering your risk of Parkinson’s disease. Need more reasons? Check out these delicious recipes. (Time)

Core Moves: Sick of crunches? Us too. Try this 20-minute abdominal-focused routine created by an Equinox instructor. (Equinox)

The More Mobile, More Problems: Here's another reason to sit up straight. CNN reports that "Text Neck," the forward head position we sit in when on our smartphones, can cause nerve pain or lead to metabolic problems. (CNN)

Progress for Multiple Sclerosis Patients: BG-12 is about to become the third oral drug used for MS patients, and according to experts, this one  looks like the most promising in suppressing relapses of the disease. Aubagio, the second  drug was just approved by the FDA last week. (The New York Times)

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