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Healthy Headlines: Obese and Healthy, a Meat-Free Mickey D's, and Better-for-You Snacks

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Fat and Fit: Obese and healthy? We thought those two were opposites until this new study published in the European Heart Journal shows it is possible to be both fat and protected from obesity-related metabolic complications. Since this is only a possibility, we say keep on exercising. (CNN)

Work It Out: A new study  in Archives of Internal Medicine says that being fit in middle age can help you live longer -- even if you didn't exercise previously. Ready to get fit? Start here. (The New York Times)

Time to Leave the Gym: Could shorter workouts help you lose more weight? That's what a new study in American Journal of Physiology found when they compared men who worked out for 30 minutes daily compared to those who exercised for 60 minutes. See how Equinox's experts weigh in. (Equinox)

I'm Lovin' It: A meatless McDonalds? What would once seem like a joke is actually a reality in Amritsar, India. The chain's first vegetarian restaurant hopes to also bring together Hindu and Muslim populations over their meat-free dishes.  Can't make it to India? Check out our meatless meals. (New York magazine)

Snack Time: Make better-for-you after-school treats with these ingredient suggestions, substitutions, and wholesome recipes. Still hungry? Check out these kid-friendly snacks. (Whole Foods)

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