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Letting Go of Summer, Reluctantly

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I rarely crave red meat but when I do there is reason. September is a beautiful month--perhaps my favorite--but it is easy to fall out of sync with what nature is trying to tell us. Now is the harvest, time to stock our cupboard, draw inward, and prepare for the cold months ahead. (Don’t I wish.)

It is also the beginning of the school year. There is a new schedule to mastermind, sporting events to attend, and music lessons to book all with the ongoing need to move out of vacation mode and back into professional gear. This is the push me-pull you of modern life. And thus my need for a little steak. Not a lot, since Chinese dietary principles are all about moderation and just enough to build back some reserves (chi and blood) to get me to a place where I could, in theory, sleep well into next year. Doesn’t that sound nice?

As you can tell, I am not really ready to let go of summer yet, so I have paired my steak with potatoes, tomatoes, watercress, and green beans and tossed the whole lot with a fresh horseradish vinaigrette. You can use your usual oil and vinegar proportions and then add fresh grated horseradish, to taste. In salad form, meat quantities stay modest and are in keeping with wholesome healthy habits.

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