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Smoothie Wednesday: Chocolate and Coconut Milk

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Airplane travel always seems to leave me dehydrated. So whenever I get home from a plane trip, I tend to crave lots of lemon water, water-rich salads, and freshly-pressed juices and smoothies. Fresh young coconut milk is also on my favorites list after traveling. Made from the tender white meat and juice from a young coconut, coconut milk is rich in electrolytes and embraced in Ayurveda to help ease dehydration.

Unlike a mature coconut, which have a small amount of coconut water, young coconuts have a green shell (which is often removed before it finds its way into your local market) filled with coconut water and a handful of rich, tender white meat. In addition to being extremely hydrating, young coconut milk is also believed to contain live enzymes and other immune system-building nutrients. I love young coconut milk on its own with a touch of vanilla. It's also wonderful with some chocolate and raspberries in this smoothie.

Chocolate-Coconut Milk Smoothie
Serves 1 (300 calories)

Meat of 1 young coconut *
Juice of 1 young coconut * (about 1 cup)
1 tablespoon good cocoa powder
1/4 cup raspberries, frozen
1/4 teaspoon good vanilla extract
Handful of ice

Place ingredients into a powerful blender until smooth and creamy. Thin with water or thicken with ice if desired. Enjoy!

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* Most health food stores and gourmet produce markets now carry young coconuts. Head here for how I recommend safely opening the tropical fruit for the easiest access to its sweet juice and tender meat. Or if you prefer, ask you local health food store or produce market to open the coconut for you.

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  • Love the Detox smoothies. Love Beets anyway I can get them. I did the Beets with frozen pomegranate seeds also. Outstanding! Also, with a peeled orange really good. I also used Almond Milk as that was all I have. Will try the Coconut Milk once I'm done with the Almond milk I already have in stock. Looking forward to it.
    Do you have a couple of recipes for 'Post Workout' protein packed smoothies that don't involve some kind of powder additive?
    Oh, by the way, your take on raw eggs in smoothies? Egg whites only, yokes, whole or none? Worry about salmonella. My 13 year old Grandson drinks my smoothies after he exercises so don't want to cause him any health problems but we would like to enjoy a protein packed smoothie after a workout.
    Thanks a lot.

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