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Daily skin care routines can get a little monotonous -- cleanser, moisturizer, maybe a scrub or a serum thrown into the mix. But facials? Those feel like a treat, even if it's just a mask you've slathered on while you're making dinner. To encourage you to baby your skin a bit, we're giving three lucky winners a complete skin care collection from M. Steves.

The line's key ingredient is Rose Hip Seed Oil (RHSO), which founder Mally Steves Chakola began researching after she discovered it's rejuvenating effects on a scar she got from a serious car accident. The collection includes RHSO Power-Packed Ultra-Nourishing Boost, RHSO Power-Packed Purifying Cleanser, RHSO Power-Packed Multi-Benefit Moisturizer, RHSO Power-Packed Anti-Aging Serum, and RHSO Power-Packed Reviving Exfoliator.

To enter, just answer this question in the comments section: How often do you give yourself facials?

Plus, don't forget to your must-have skin-care products for the Whole Living Healthy Skin Awards. Just for telling us about your favorite products, you'll be entered for a chance to win a two-night all-inclusive trip for two to the luxe Miraval Resort and Spa in Arizona.

Read the official rules.

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Comments (72)

  • I've never had a facial.

  • I have never given/received a facial before actually. I typically just wash, moisturize, and spot treat my face.

  • I give myself a facial every Sunday!

  • Never had one!

  • Not often enough in the past years. I can't think of the last time I gave myself a facial.

  • I used to get facials once a month. With lack of time & money, it has been quite some time.

  • Haven't had one in years...

  • i try to do a weekly mask. not sure if this constitutes as a 'facial' but i do try to take good care of my combination skin. i go to a natural product spa for a facial once a year.

  • I do my daily routine that's a little intensive. Once a week I do a mask. Facial...never.

  • My last facial was at least six months ago. My skin loves that treat, and looks better for days. I would love to have a monthly facial but it's just not in the budget!

  • I use a facial scrub in the morning. In the evening I just use water followed by a serum and moisturiser.

  • i've had one professional facial

  • Never give them to myself and have had one professional facial in my life. I exfoliate once and a while but otherwise just wash and moisturize daily.

  • I have never had a professional facial. I take good care of my skin by washing my face twice daily. In the morning, I follow that with a serum, then an SP moisturizer. In the evening, I follow it with H2O+'s day and night perfecting peel, and a deeper moisturizer than I use during the day, and my eye cream. I also use H2O+'s Oasis Mist periodically throughout the day if extra moisture is needed. That constitutes my own facial.

  • Facials are so incredibly wonderful and something our skin needs, but these days who has the money? I'm just your average 29 year old girl doing life, working, friends, making time for family. I used to get facials every 4-6 weeks when I didnt have other things to spend money on, but now its not nearly as often. I try to take care of my face and skin daily with organic products, but its just not the same. I would get facials weekly if I could!

  • Every Sunday I have a "spa day" and give myself a facial. I steam at the gym, then use exfoliator, a mask and a hydrating serum. (Such a great way to start the week!) I probably get professional facials every six months.

  • I give myself a facial about every 3 months. This includes the cleansing, exfoliating, mask, and moisturizer.

  • I've never given myself a facial.

  • It's been years since I have given myself a facial.

  • I do not think I ever had a facial maybe long time ago when I was trying a product the offer to deep clean my face. But I am not sure what a facial is. I use once in a while a moisturizer only, I just wash my face with soap. I do know that my neck and face has lots of new wrinkles but with too many things promising youth I do not want to spend money in too many promises that my never work... meanwhile the time goes by.

  • I have learned at a young age the importance of a proper skin care regiment. Engaging in a healthy skin routines insures that you will have a lasting grow throughout the years. I've tried multiple skin care regiments and have yet to fall in love with one. I've heard facials are amazing, but have never treated myself to one. I think i'm going to have to change that!

  • I have occasionally indulged myself in a salon facial, but I have never given myself one at home. Time to start!

  • Not enough! I rarely give myself a facial. Once in awhile I will do a lavender/tea tree or "tranquility" steam using my Aura Cacia oils, but that's it.

  • Once a week with honey if I am lucky.

  • I've never had a professional facial. Does slathering on a 10 minute mask every other week count?

  • Once a month I try to give myself an at-home facial.

  • I've had about a dozen Facials in my life.
    I will get at-least one this Year~

  • I use a mask at least once every other week, sometimes more. That's the extent of my facials though.

  • I don't do facials. Just cleanse and mosturize, and always use sunscreen.

  • Considering I suffer from a surprise onset of adult acne, I tamper with all kinds of products, facials, sworn-to-work remedies, and natural tinctures....all to no avail.

  • I don't do facials myself and have never had a salon facial. I do cleanse & moisturise every day, always with at least SPF 30+, but my aging skin could do with some pampering

  • I have never given myself a facial. I used to get them about twice a year until I developed Vitiligo.

  • I've had a few professional facials, but try to use a mild cleansing cream scrub once a day.
    I have some sun damage and the wrinkles are coming fast.

  • Usually if I want to look extra special, I will give myself one. A few times a month.

  • Not as often as I should, probably once a month.

  • Never have done so!

  • I never give myself facials. I have a pretty basic routine.

  • I remember in high school, my friends and I would use those peel off masks. You smooth them all over your face, and then they dry and your face felt so soft afterwards. These days, I kind of forget to do anything beyond cleansing and moisturizing. Occasionally, I treat myself to a facial. Love them.

  • Professional facial, just once in my life. Regularly I just wash, tone once in a while.

  • I give myself a facial once a year, actually. It usually happens around the holidays when I have time off from work. When I was younger, I did weekly facials, but now that is all I have time for.

  • I give myself a facial about 1x every 3 weeks-not near enough !

  • I try to give myself a facial at least twice a month.

  • I don't think it counts as an official facial, but I do love to keep a container with some cloths in water scented with lavender in the fridge for the summer, and in cooler months I might microwave a damp cloth to warm it up before using it to gently remove my cleanser. I also apply my cleanser a few minutes before a shower so it can sink in, then rinse it off in the shower.

  • Ideally, I would give myself facials once a week, but in reality I only do it every 2 - 3 weeks.

  • I have a facial about once a month. I also use my clarisonic daily.

  • Before Marriage I used to get one every month and now at home with a child that has gone down to once to twice a year. Skin does look wonderful after one.

  • Never. It would probably be a good idea, though, as I just had a BIG birthday. Would love to win these lovely products to keep this old skin looking good.

  • Never had one. They always sound so interesting and usually healthy but I am so afraid of a big breakout Ive never given in to the temptation.

  • I treat myself to a facial once every five weeks. It benefits not only my skin but also gives me a chance to relax and rejuvenate my mind!

  • I had one about 10 years ago. I really need another. I also need to learn how to give myself one.

  • Not as often as I used to before 3 children. Now the majority of my money is used for food and other necessities. Oh how I miss that part of my maintenance.

  • Not often enough! I honestly can't remember the last time I had a facial...Do facial massages count? I got one of those over 6 months ago by a fellow massage therapy student. :)

  • I've never given myself a facial. :(

  • I rarely have the time to give myself a facial.

  • I try and do it once a week on Sunday...to refresh for the week ahead or before a special event!

  • I've never had a professional facial, I've always just done a mug mask on my face and or masks from the drug store on myself

  • I usually don't make time for an at-home facial. These beautiful products could inspire a new routine!

  • I rarely ever do home facials. With 4 children, I do not have much time for myself. These products would be my inspiration to do them more!
    Amie Olson

  • I rarely have a facial. I cleanse and treat and exfoliate. Facials would be nice.

  • Every few months I'll do a French clay mask, otherwise, just a daily scrub and spf moisturizer (and a swim in the ocean as often as possible).

  • Just a couple of days ago, actually. I used a peel-off mask while I gave myself a pedicure. That was the first time in ..... yeah, that long.

  • I have never had a facial.

  • I've never done one!

  • I've never had the resources to give myself a facial but I have had one professionally done and it was amazing.

  • I haven't given myself a facial in too many years :(

  • I give myself a facial about once every three months, there are just not enough hours in a day to do it more often.

  • The last time I had a facial was long ago :/

  • I would like to give myself an organic facial at least once a week but really I am lucky if I get to it once a month.

  • I try my best to do a facial for myself once a week. I use a mix of witch hazel and french green clay on my face... it's soothing and helps to remove excess oil and tightens my pores.

  • My last salon facial was over two years ago. But, I exfoliate every other day.

  • I have had a few facials over the years and felt great after.
    Would love to have more but time and cost sometime don't work.Would like to be able to find home products to use.

  • Every few months or when I want to try a new facial product!

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