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Whether it's the sunscreen that melts into your skin, the concealer that makes you look like you've just slept for a week, or the tinted moisturizer that beautifully evens out your complexion, we all have that product that we're hooked on. It could cost a dollar at the drugstore, or it could be a splurge whose price tag you don't even want to discuss.

We'd love to hear about your must-have products, and to thank you for your recommendations, we're giving 10 lucky winners a surprise product from SkinCeuticals (and we won't be surprised if it ends up on your desert island list). To enter, just answer this question in the comments section: What is your can't-live-without skin-care product?

Plus, nominate your must-have skin-care products for the Whole Living Healthy Skin Awards. Just for telling us about your favorite products, you'll be entered for a chance to win a two-night all-inclusive trip for two to the luxe Miraval Resort and Spa in Arizona.

Read the official rules.

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Comments (124)

  • Argan Oil, best ever!!!!

  • can't live without one love organics skin savior balm

  • My must have beauty products are anything Clinique!! I love their 3 step program....

  • Rae cosmetics tinted moisturizer with spf

  • My absolute go to product is Bag Balm, and coconut oil!!!

  • Argan oil, and my new found love is: Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector from Clinique. It actually works!!

  • I like Hydrolize to cover the dark circles I have from lack of sleep!

  • coconut oil is a must for my skin!

  • My must have product is Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel.

  • Coconut oil

  • Moisturizer!

  • We had a house fire a month ago and I am replacing EVERYTHING! Ultimate UV Defense.

  • I love Argan oil, and Garnier BB tinted cream instead of foundation.

  • Can't go a day without my Clarisonic! It totally transformed the look and feel of my skin!

  • Hello Blogger Friends,
    A product that I can't live without? Easy, I can't live without the Chicken Poop lip balm. The name might sound crazy, but I assure you it has nothing but goodness it. In fact, it only contains six natural ingredients: Avocado oil, jojoba, sweet orange, lavender essential oil, bees wax, and vitamin E. This feels like heaven on my lips. Hands down, one of the best products I have ever found!

    With Kindness,


  • My beauty bag would consist of Burt's Bee LipGloss, Dove Deodrant and Nivea Cahmere Lotion. These three things make my day a whole lot easier.

  • Can't live without my .5% retinol from Skinceuticals and my Phloretin CF gel from Skinceuticals.

  • i use peter thomas roth ultra-dry sunblock everyday, it's a dream!

  • I have been in the health food industry for almost 20 years and I have yet to find anything more must-have than the Kiss My Face brand of olive and aloe soaps and creams. The bar soap is so cheap, soothing, and moisturizing that it's definitely an essential for my face care.

  • Route One Pumpkins Hand and Body Lotion with real pumpkin seed extract from Cinderella pumpkins in Half Moon Bay...all natural light pumpkin fragrance. Hydrates but isn't greasy and leaves a great scent!!!

  • Weleda Skin Food. It's just so moisturizing, yet doesn't clog. I use it on my face & my neck & whereever else I need it. And it smells so good! Good stuff!

  • I do like Skinceuticals products and Dermalogica. Best? Redness solution. Magical.

  • Organically raised argan oil is a must have. I use it as a night time moisturizer every night. You could even combine with with sugar to make a homemade scrub. It can also be used in your hair to reduce frizz or as a deep conditioner.

    My favorite use for it is for a sunburn though. You put it on your sunburn with some aloe vera before bed and the redness is usually gone in the morning! I've seen it work on sunburns from every skin tone- Latin olive skin tone to Russian fair-as-porcelain skin tones. It's a life saver!

  • Beauty Without Cruelty Vitamin C facial cleanser. Works great and also not tested on animals.

  • I can't live without my Bobbi Brown Gel Eye Liner! p.s I also love my many SkinCeutical products.

  • Olive Oil

  • Murad Prefect Day SPF 30! It has a great texture and is not too heavy yet It offers great protection!

  • My yonka age defense moisturizer!

  • Fresh Sugar Face Polish. The most delicious, effective skincare product I've come across. Does so many things at once!

  • Moisturizer with SPF. Everyday!!

  • I am loving all of the ideas I'm getting reading through these comments!! (I can't wait to get my hands on that pumpkin lotion) my can't live without it is serum. Right now I'm using M-61 Vitablast C. Though my desert island skincare request, and honestly my number one problem solver is water. It's so important to keep hydrated.

  • My daily go to for all things beauty is Josie Maran's Argon Oil!

  • Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant - perfect everyday gentle exfoliater.

  • Face lotion and coconut oil!

  • Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer

  • I can't live without a moisturizing sunblock! It protects me from the sun, prevents wrinkles, and gives my skin the moisture it needs.

  • I love Aveeno moisturizer!

  • Oil of olay Micro sculpting serum.. Good stuff :)

  • My most beloved beauty product has got to be AHA or alpha hydroxy acid. It's a moisturizer that makes my skin "glow," keeps acne at bay and helps get rid of existing acne, too. I cannot say enough good things about this miracle product.

  • DIY - Greek yogurt + honey face mask, twice per week. It's great for dry skin in the winter.

  • Without a doubt, coconut oil! I use it on my face, and mixed with other ingredients I have made body scrubs, lip balm, deodorant, and a leave-in hair treatment. The stuff is magic!

  • Skyn Iceland Arctic Face Mist

  • moisturizer--right now it's any kind till I find the "magic" one!

  • Newbie to the products, so anything :)

  • Coconut oil. It does everything from cleansing, removing eye makeup to moisturizing, and I can even use it in the kitchen!

  • Coconut Oil!!!
    The more natural the better!
    Other oils: Almond oil, Kukui Nut Oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil....they're all GREAT! Makes my skin supple and glow!

  • Coconut, great for soothing skin and keeping hair soft.

  • My two must haves: the Clarisonic MIA and Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm.

  • My favorite is a line from my dermatologist's office- Peter Cooperider.

  • Josie Maran's Argan oil. Love it for my skin and especially for my hair!

  • Devita Solar Body Block SPF 30 -- it's a beautiful physical sunscreen that doesn't leave a white tint and feels great on my face and body. I don't go a day without it--and I reapply in the summer!

  • Clinique eye naturally gentle eye makeup remover has been my go to for almost a decade. Can't live without it!Korres lip butter has also been a life saver!

  • Lush's fresh farmacy bar soap.

  • I would say either Origins Out of Trouble 10 minute mask. I leave it on overnight when I've been lazy and haven't washed my face twice that day and I wake up with radiant skin. :) Or I would say Yes to Blueberries face wipes. They smell delicious and they allow me to keep my face feeling light and fresh when I do get oily. I would say the Yes To Blueberries would be my top pick because I use them pretty much every day. :)

  • I love sesame oil for body and a retinol night cream for face

  • I love Aveeno's skin brightening moisturizer with spf & Say Yes to Blueberries facial cleansing cloths! They are two of my favorite products.

  • Witch hazel!

  • Love all Skinceutical products! Just started them about 3u weeks ago and love them!!!!!

  • I absolutely can't live with my SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF Antioxidant Treatment. I use it each and every morning and love how it makes my face glow.

  • I love my coconut oil... make-up remover to moisturizer! I was introduced to SkinCeuticals during my spa day before my wedding... great products! I am using their face wash and toner currently :)

  • SkinCeuticals CE Ferulik is my favorite product!! I noticed a difference in my skin immediately after using it!

  • Exfolikate by Kate Somerville. It has transformed my skin!

  • PCA Skin masks and moisturizer! Seriously the best...

  • Emu oil from Silky's Garden (www.silkysgarden.com). It takes care of wrinkles, stretch marks, burns, hot spots on dogs - just about anything you can think of!

  • Skinceuticles Retexturizing Activator is like magic in a bottle!!!

  • Pangea Organics, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar.

  • I love..love...love Skin Ceuticals CE ferulic

  • Acne Free Cleanser

  • Face lotion with SPF!!

  • Argan and grapeseed oil w/a Vitamin C supplement to put on topically.

  • I love the Avalon Organics skin care line // the Yes to Carrots lotion // and the Kiehls lotion // have always wanted to try the SkinCeuiticals line...just not in my tiny budget...so would LOVE to win :)

  • My must-have is Nourish Organic Body Lotion in Almond Vanilla and Nourish Organic Body Butter in Fresh Fig!! Amazing scents and 100% organic.

  • Coconut oil is my must-have skin care product. I use it to nourish my hair, take off my eye makeup, and moisturize my skin.

  • Lots and lots of water! Healthy on the inside = healthy on the outside

  • What is my can't-live-without skin-care product?
    Extra Light or Pure Olive Oil, any brand.

    I use it as a body oil especially after showers because it absorbs well and conditions my dry skin. It's mild and not too heavy, which makes it popular for all skin types.

  • Crisco is amazing for dry feet! Sleep with cotton socks on after applying.

  • Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel! Best I've ever found.

  • I love everything about my Jurlique products, the purely bright line is absolutely magical!!

  • I simply cannot live without my SkinCeuticals Retinol 1% Cream. It has dramatically improved my skin. Love it!

  • Coconut oil!

  • My absolute must-have product is Skinceuticals CE Ferulic Serum...it sinks right into my skin & makes my face feel so rejuvenated.

  • StriVectin Scrub! Although I have heard amazing things about skinceuticals, am dying to try their products.

  • olive oil

  • olive oil!

  • Coconut oil...

  • Plain ol' organic jojoba oil! It's similar to our natural sebum It's cheap, chemical-free, and so versatile - good for body, face and hair.

  • I must always have moisturizer in my beauty arsenal.

  • I have to keep camelia oil around. I buy it an Asian food market and a huge bottle is around $10. It's natural, effective and cheap.

  • Fresh exfoliator.

  • As a skin care junkie for many years, I'm going back to basic. My new favorite is Argan oil by Shea Terra.

  • I cannot live without H2O+'s day and night perfecting peel. I use it every single day. It makes my skin so soft and smooth. It also helps with breakouts. It's truly a MUST HAVE item for me.

  • arbonne re9 products

  • I love products that don't contain too many chemicals, particularly parabens. I like to know what my skin is absorbing. My skin seems to like starflower oil and frankincense at the moment. Rosemary & Bergamot are pretty good too!

  • I dont use much makeup. Instead I like to concentrate on eating right and taking care of my skin. One product i cant live without is the anti-aging night creams.....they hydrate my skin so well that I always wake up with a dewy texture.

  • Coconut Oil

  • PanOxyl! I wash my face and let it sit for about 10minutes to get the best results.Ive used it for years Havent had a blemish since. I have very acne prone skin.

  • Coconut Oil! It's great for skin, hair, even your teeth! It's a wonderful all-around beauty product!

  • I can't live without my clarisonic and philosophy "the present" clear makeup.

  • The skin nourishing products I can't live without: Vitamin C Serum, Argon oil, and zinc oxide sunblock moisturizer.

  • Clarisonic Pro

  • Innersense Harmonic Healing Oil - received my first bottle in a goodie bag from the Breast Cancer Fund and used it on a sunburn. It was so comforting that I tried it on an allergic rash, which it also calmed. So far it has worked for every skin irritation I've used it on. One tiny bottle has replaced a shelf's worth of products in my medicine cabinet. A few drops in my palm with the shampoo even clears up dry scalp. Amazing product.

  • Dickinson's Witch Hazel-- It does everything! I use it as toner, to soothe itching skin, to cool off and freshen my skin on a hot day. The perfect natural beauty product.

  • I love the Blemish & age defense corrective serum....works wonders!!!

  • sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Daytime Facial Cream

  • Exfoiliating towel for the face/lips and body.

  • I can't live without my Garnier Triple Cleansing Wash

  • My Loccitaine eye cream

  • Peter Thomas Roth's Dragon Serum. It's does wonders for my skin.

  • All of my Sibu products are must haves

  • I recently discovered the Juara mask and it's my fave for sure.

  • My must have product is Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser

  • Tarte's Pure Maracuja Oil

  • There are so many amazing beauty products out there. I love my bareMinerals Active Cell Renewal Serum

  • Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 30!

  • I love Skinceuticals (especially the AGE eye cream) and Dermalogica.

  • Expensive eczema medication from my doctor. -sigh-

  • Skinceuticals CE Ferulic, B5, Sheer Physical sunscreen

  • Water!

  • What is your can't-live-without skin-care product?

    Olive oil or coconut oil for makeup removal. Best thing EVER!!! And Arnica cream

  • Dr. Beers bamboo scrub! Fabulous! And coconut + olive oils. Also afterglow cosmetics foundation and blush.

  • I have a few things - "Say YES to Carrots" lip balm; and all natural Jojoba oil. I got a large bottle and i use a little for hair conditioner (why spend $1 for that tiny "hot oil treatment when i could get a vat for a LOT less and use it whenever i want)... i use it also on my skin at night, makes it amazingly hydrated. I also use on my scalp for my psoriasis. it hydrates wonderfully so that i can use the other medications needed for the issues!

  • Lush calamine cleanser from the fresh pharmacy. it makes my skin so soft and calm! plus any other lush products. everything they make is amazing.

  • Cetaphil face wash and sunblock

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